New features: SEO improvements, more Twitter integration

    Every once in a while, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, Rock Content rolls out a few changes to the platform. It happened again today.

    The highlights?

    We’ve improved the information available to search engines crawling white label sites. Among the changes, the description of your event will now become the meta description tag. What’s more, if you add images to your event, they will now appear alongside your links on Twitter and Facebook.

    Speaking of Twitter, we’ve improved our integration with the social network. Linked cashtags now appear, and there are improved Twitter card functions. Twitter isn’t the only network with which we’ve improved our functionality – we’ve added the ability to log out of all your social networks from your profile page.

    Ever used our discussions feature? Everyone now has access to the tool. I would suggest you check it out, especially if you run a lot of Q&As or live chats.

    As well, don’t forget to update Firefox and Chrome. Using the most recent versions of these browsers, you can upload FLV as you would photos/video/audio. Just drag and drop your file into the posting box after clicking the “Quick Post” tab.

    Here’s the full list of changes:


    • Change the changefreq in all white label sitemaps to Always.
    • Add an image to all white label event sitemaps.
    • Link cashtags ($AAPL) to Twitter search when Tweets are pulled in from social sidebar.
    • Improved several error messages to make them more helpful.
    • Improve look of Instagram images dragged into Advanced Posts.
    • Add meta description tag to all white label sites.
    • Tweets dragged from one event into another now display as Twitter cards.
    • Clear the social sidebar of old search results when a new search is performed.
    • Enable discussions for all Rock Content accounts.
    • Add ability to logout of all social networks (Twitter, Instagram) on your Profile page.
    • Allow users with Rock Content permission level to view Articles.
    • Use syndication image of an event for open graph tags.
    • Allow users to preview mobile templates before publishing them.
    • Minor security improvements to our API and writer interface.
    • Let users know that commenting has been disabled when using the Q&A writer interface.
    • Support drag and drop for FLV files in Firefox and Chrome.
    • Add internal chat functionality to Article pages.
    • Articles now support tab indentation.


    • Resolve an issue where clicking on links in the writer interface brought up the edit dialog.
    • Resolve an issue where Twitter login dialog would prevent use of Article page.
    • Fix timezone bug in metadata of images uploaded directly to articles.
    • Resolve an issue with pagination of the Event Archive.
    • Fixed several minor style issues in the writer interface in all major browsers.
    • Properly display lists in embeds.
    • Resolve an issue where blockquote text was duplicated when dragging into Articles.
    • Properly display slideshow previews on Articles page.
    • Resolve an issue where retweets were cut off when pulled into an event.
    • Resolve an issue where republishing a slideshow may have started the slideshow on an image other than the first image.
    • Resolve an issue with links in Articles not linking properly in FireFox.
    • Prevent Facebook auto-post from pulling in duplicate posts.
    • Resolve an issue where articles published to white label sites were not displaying as published on the Articles page.
    • Resolve an issue where uploading multiple images to an article can cause them to get stuck on top of each other.
    • Resolve an issue where using the enter key did not allow you to search the Event Archive.
    • Resolved an issue where tweets sent using the tweet + comment feature were too short.
    • Remove the ability to hide Twitter avatars in white label templates since Twitter demands they be displayed at all times.
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