New features: Vine, YouTube and email notifications


    Extra, extra! We’ve just released some new Vine and YouTube features that are certain to improve your audience engagement and simplify integrating media into your live event.

    YouTube Tab

    Want to include videos into your event without leaving the backend? A new YouTube tab is now in the sidebar under the Twitter and Facebook tabs. Just search for videos by keyword and add them directly to your live event . You can also drag a video in an Advanced Post to simplify your workflow and create a truly interactive post.


    Vine Integration

    We pride ourselves on staying up-to-date with the latest media advances which is why we’ve enabled Vine videos to be posted directly into your event. Simply post the URL– either from Twitter or Vine itself– and we convert it into a video player. The video loops but does not auto-play, giving your viewers the option to watch the video or not.


    Email Notifications

    You’re a savvy editor on top of your game. In fact, you’ve even set up an event days before it’s to start. By scheduling your event to start in the future, you create the opportunity to advertise it longer which ultimately increases the number of readers you’ll get. And the longer you advertise your event before it starts, the higher your SEO will be.

    Now, any user who visits the page of an event that is scheduled to start in the future can sign up to receive an email notification when the event actually begins.
    Email reminder

    When your event starts, a box pops up in the backend telling you how many people have signed up to receive notifications. And since news doesn’t always follow the schedules we predict, these notifications will still get sent out even if you manually start your event before the originally set scheduled start time.
    email notification

    Sneak Peek
    Look for a new Android app to be released in the coming weeks! It’ll include a layout re-design and will simplify creating an event on your mobile device. Follow us on Twitter for all the latest roll-outs and updates: @scribblelive
    Have more questions? Email us at [email protected]

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