news:rewired on the benefits of liveblogging

    In an experiment in meta, Adam Tinworth liveblogged a panel discussion about liveblogging at news:rewired,‘s digital media conference.

    The event’s speakers were Matt Wells of The Guardian, Press Association head of digital production Alan Marshall, Paul Gallagher of Manchester Evening News (MEN) and Anna Doble, senior media producer of Channel 4 news. Tinworth, RBI’s Editorial Development Manager, covered the session on his personal site, One Man & His Blog.

    Tinworth paraphrases Wells, who noted that “liveblogs are one of the best ways of covering stories that don’t have a clear beginning, middle and end. The inverse pyramid story may be the single biggest reason that journalists are mistrusted. It encourages sensationalism.”

    Liveblog coverage is stickier than traditional coverage, Gallager said, with readers staying on the page for a couple hours vs. a couple minutes. Dobler calls it a personality-driven medium, and thinks we’ll see more and more news personalities (i.e. anchors and columnists) jumping on the liveblog bandwagon.

    Marshall believes liveblogs are a logical evolution of traditional newswire services. PA used Rock Content to create a week-long liveblog covering all aspects of the Royal Wedding, which they syndicated to numerous news organizations (including MEN). Tinworth paraphrases Marshall, who said liveblog coverage is “a new way of doing what reporters have always done. It’s allowing their journalists to include the sort of material that was never relevant for the newswires. Encouraging their journalists to be a bit more quirky and irreverent.”

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