Pagination comes to Rock Content

    We asked you to liveblog the Olympics and you responded with some of the longest liveblogs we have ever seen (e.g. liveblog of Olympic opening ceremony). Fair enough 🙂 We don’t want to crimp your style and set limits on how long your liveblogs can be, so today we are introducing pagination. Don’t worry, if you are liveblogging up a storm for your watchers, the experience will still be the (awesome) one it is today. But if your blog gets really long, we’ll start breaking it into separate pages. That means faster loading for your visitors and all the same great liveblogging goodness.

    We didn’t want you to miss the new pagination, so we added a new header that will follow you as you scroll down the page. Don’t worry if it’s chasing you; it’s friendly.

    Just two more ways we empower you to make the most out of your liveblogs on Rock Content! Happy liveblogging!

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