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    We’re always developing new features and functionality that not only meet, but exceed your needs.

    Here are a few of our latest innovations:

    The new Advanced Content Module – Revolutionary Technology

    Announcing the game changing Advanced Content Module (ACM). ACM is the first product emerging from collaboration between Rock Content and The Associated Press (AP) to create better tools for real-time journalism. ACM takes real-time beyond the liveblog to open up exciting new forms of content.

    The Rock Content ACM lets news teams create live blog posts and articles that combine different types of content such as images, video, audio, slideshows, commentary and tweets into a single post to provide a better perspective on the news without sacrificing speed. If ACM was a movie pitch, it would be: Tumbler meets Storify meets Rock Content

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    Put live content on your homepage

    Rock Content has always supported embeds but they don’t always look great on a home page or section page. In addition, it was difficult to filter content to show just pictures or just reporter posts. Piloted by MSN and CBC, the new open-source project gives every customer the power of our incredibly flexible API to put live content anywhere you want. Build notifiers, slideshows, embeds and maps using examples from our open source initiative. It can also save you a bundle on your utilization charges!

    Knowledge is Power

    Get more out of your events with our brand-new knowledge base. Get answers to any questions pertaining to using our platform. It’s packed with documentation, video and best practices for your live events.

    Drop in media files and social media updates

    Simplify your moderating experience. You can now drag and drop any media file from your computer into your live blog and it will be published to your reader immediately. You can also bring Tweets and Facebook Page posts into your live blog by simply posting the URL of the tweet/post into your live event.

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