Real-time coverage: Man freefalls from space

    Yesterday, Felix Baumgartner jumped from the stratosphere to Earth – breaking the speed of sound and making history as the first person to travel at supersonic speed without being inside a jet or spacecraft.

    YouTube ran a livestream of the event, and according to YouTube officials,  eight million viewers watched the livestream at its peak.

    Some of our clients took advantage of the massive interest in this record-breaking, daredevil stunt and liveblogged during the event.

    Sportsnet started its freefall coverage more than a month earlier, by directing viewers to the Red Bull Stratos mission timeline. From there, the blog – embedded on a page with videos, an Instagram gallery and related stories – was the go-to place for mission updates. Sportsnet achieved a great balance between text and multimedia updates, giving viewers everything they could possibly want to know and see in their text, photo, video, audio, Twitter, and Facebook updates.

    KOAT7 Albuquerque provided a lot of insight into the day of the launch and kept viewers updated on the jump time, which had to be rescheduled due to weather conditions.

    Viewers of the KOAT7 liveblog could watch the livestream, which was pinned to the top of the blog, while following the station’s updates below. The station provided great photos of the event, including a shot of Felix Baumgartner doing his pre-breathing before the jump. Plus, the news organization kept it fun for viewers, even directing them to a contest to guess where Felix Baumgartner would land!

    Both liveblogs are great examples of how to cover an event as it’s happening – including handling setbacks with rescheduling!


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