The real-time royal baby

    It’s the most hotly anticipated royal birth since Prince William, the father to be, and the royally-inclined around the world are waiting with baited breath. The reporters who have been camped outside the hospital for weeks — enduring the #greatkatewait — have sprung into action and their Scribble coverage is live updating across the globe. We’ve gathered together a number of liveblogs from our network to make sure you’re following events in good company.

    The Press Association (hosted on MSN UK)

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    A lot of people have placed bets on the royal baby, with Coral saying it’s the biggest non-sporting betting event in the company’s history.

    Sky News

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    The Royal Mint is giving babies born on the same day as the future monarch a silver penny struck with the year of their birth.

    ABC News

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    The world will learn of the baby’s birth, and whether it’s a boy or a girl, in the same way the births of generations of royals have been announced, with a note posted on an easel in front of Buckingham Palace.


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    The baby hasn’t even been born yet but a new royal is big business. Estimates by the UK-based Centre for Retail Research suggest retailers will sell $121 million worth of royal-related baby toys and souvenirs.


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    Kate and William, both aged 31, met when they were students at St. Andrews University and were married in April 2011 in a spectacular wedding broadcast around the world.


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    A standard room in the posh hospital costs around 5,800 euros per day.

    NY Daily News

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    I just wanted to photograph the commotion and convoy of cars. That was a personal decision we both made. To take a picture of her would have been over stepping the mark.

    Global News

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    Thousands of people are gathering outside St Mary’s Hospital where Kate has been in labour for over 11 hours.


    The Independent

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    According to reports the palace has confirmed ‘Kate went into labour naturally and things are progressing well’

    NTB (hosted on rbnett)

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    According to a poll conducted by Ipsos Mori last week wants 77 per cent of Brits keep the monarchy, Reuters reported. The British royal family has hardly ever had better support.

    ET Canada

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    Crowds gather outside Buckingham Palace waiting for news of the royal birth. The announcement will be posted on an easel by the gates of the Palace.

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