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    In an article on, writer Dan Schawbel speaks with Reuters social media editor Anthony DeRosa about the news giant`s social media strategy. Reuters runs a lot of liveblogs as their first line of coverage, which DeRosa is in charge of. Here’s an excerpt from their conversation:

    Schawbel: “In what ways do you manage your own presence daily?”

    DeRosa: “I spend all day at work on social networks as it is part of my job to monitor news that breaks there. I use Twitter Lists to focus on specific topics. I use Storyful to verify information that’s trending, along with vetting photos and video. I’m jumping between Twitter/Facebook/Tumblr to post updates, along with, if there’s a live blog we’re covering a big story with, Rock Content. All these tools help me manage what I publish. Tweetdeck is invaluable, I have yet to find a better dashboard.”

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