Robert Scoble interviews Rock Content CEO Michael De Monte

    Our CEO Michael De Monte was in San Francisco for an interview with none other than Rackspace Hosting‘s Robert Scoble. The two sat down to talk about the future of news rooms and live blogging.

    Scoble talked about the issues associated with regular blogging, “I haven’t posted at since, I don’t know, February or March, cause it seems static and it seems really slow and it doesn’t have this feed metaphor where things pop up.” These setbacks of using regular blogs are exactly what Rock Content’s real-time live blogging platform solves, Michael said. “We’re solving that exact problem…so, just as you described, that ability to create a living story.”

    Michael summarized how Rock Content is used by newsrooms and news media “At the end of the day you’ve taken that completely static story that would be extremely boring and now you’ve added that dynamic portion of it. You got these great updates coming in at the same time you’re maybe grabbing stuff off social media, or maybe you’re having comments come in or you’re SMSing in. All of that gets in there. ”

    Today is the official rollout of Rock Content’s Advanced Content Module (we’ll publish a blog post about that soon) and Michael briefly described the capabilities of it in the interview. “Imagine you have this great information coming in, here’s a picture, so I grab a picture and drag it into the Advance Module, I grab another picture and it instantly creates a slideshow. Then I grab a quote, whether someone wrote it or from Twitter and, boom, it goes into block quotes. So now you’ve constructed this advanced post and now you can post that out to the system.” The result is a new and advanced way of creating and publishing content in real time.

    The new Module was created in cooperation with the Associated Press a part of a new partnership with Rock Content to provide live content to AP’s customers. “We worked extremely hard to give them a new way of creating content and publishing it. They’re extremely excited and they’re going to start rolling out the technology to all their customers.”

    Audio of the entire interview is available below.


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