Scribble Chat round-up: Conferences and Trade Shows

    Conferences and trade shows are a great setting for real-time updates—they have a beginning, a middle and an end, as well as an audience in attendance. It’s a great opportunity for clients to showcase their storytelling skills, and having a live component can bring an interactive edge to a conference or trade show.

    Rock Content brings real-time engagement elements together, allowing you to orchestrate the event and manage the message. You want to publish a stream of digestible bits of information? You want to gather tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram or Flickr photos, YouTube videos, outside documents or original text? You can create and curate the content using Rock Content, then easily display it on big screens, mobile, tablets or desktops around your event or for your online audience.

    This week’s Scribble Chat best practices around conferences and trade shows. We spoke with James Mossman, a digital associate director for Edelman; Christine Young, a senior marketing writer at Cadence Design Systems; and Dave Leong, an executive producer with Wynford.

    A little like these Scribble Chats!

    Click here to read the chat in its entirety.

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