Rock Content and The Associated Press partner to offer real-time news platform and services

    San Francisco, September 19, 2012 – Rock Content, a leader in real-time content creation,

    publishing and syndication, announced today that it will offer a version of its LiveSyndication
    platform in collaboration with The Associated Press that will enable digital publishers to present
    new forms of real-time news coverage.

    The AP edition of Rock Content’s LiveSyndication technology will allow publishers to access
    live content from the news agency and also produce live coverage of their own. The platform
    provides editorial workflow and publishing options that are expressly designed for real-time
    delivery of news.

    “We were excited to work closely with AP to develop a platform that meets their unique
    challenges as a global leader in news and reporting,” says Michael De Monte, CEO of
    Rock Content. “This new platform gives AP and its customers the opportunity to be forerunners
    in the real-time news and content revolution. It’s just one example of how our innovative
    technologies, such as LiveSyndication, are helping major brands reach their audiences on a
    global scale.”

    AP has participated in the development of the Rock Content platform and intends to offer
    new services to its customers based on the platform’s real-time functionality. In contrast to
    conventional news coverage, where developments are captured and delivered in story form,
    the new platform enables a running style of coverage where developments can be reported and
    delivered incrementally as news unfolds.

    “This is a great combination of innovative thinking from both companies,” said Jim Kennedy,
    senior vice president for digital products at AP. “It will help us and our customers fill in the gaps
    that exist in traditional coverage and give digital news consumers an even more immediate view
    of stories as we cover them.”

    The two companies said they expect to offer packages that include both access to the platform
    and live coverage from AP. Rock Content also offers access to the platform separately to news
    publishers worldwide.

    In the coming weeks, Rock Content and AP will offer a series of webinars to AP subscribers to
    introduce the platform and the coverage it enables. AP also plans to create new services to be
    featured on the platform as it rolls out. The platform and content packages will be offered with
    both ad-supported and licensing subscription models.

    About Rock Content
    Driven by the growing demand for real-time news and event coverage, Rock Content has
    established itself as the market leader in real-time content with a feature-rich platform that
    powers liveblogging, real-time journalism and on-the-fly storytelling. We also create new
    revenue opportunities for news organizations through content syndication and advertising to
    drive billions of real-time updates each month for hundreds of major digital sites, corporations
    and NGOs around the world.
    Rock Content is a privately owned company based in Toronto, Canada. Its investors include
    Summerhill Venture Partners and Rogers Ventures.
    More information about Rock Content can be found at

    About The Associated Press

    The Associated Press is the essential global news network, delivering fast, unbiased news from
    every corner of the world to all media platforms and formats. Founded in 1846, AP today is the
    largest and most trusted source of independent news and information. On any given day, more
    than half the world’s population sees news from AP. On the Net:

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