Rock Content Pro: New look, added functionality

    You may have noticed: We’ve updated our look.

    While the appearance of Rock Content’s content engagement tools have changed from what you’re used to, Pro users, rest assured that all of the functionality remains, albeit under a shiny new facade. (And we’ve added in a few new features, to boot!)

    The big changes:

    Updated Dashboard

    We’ve improved the Dashboard to make it easier to view and create different types of content with one click. We also added a breakdown of key metrics so you can keep an eye on how well your content is performing each time you log on. Want access to more analytics? Upgrade to our powerful Enterprise Edition


    Terminology: Event = Stream

    The live content you create isn’t necessarily event-based, and we want our terminology to reflect that. Starting today, what were formerly known as “Events” are now “Streams.” The functionality remains the same, though. Whether you’re running a chat, creating an always-on hub of live content, or just plain ‘ol liveblogging — Rock Content Streams can power it.

    Rethought navigation

    Look up. We’ve reorganized our navigation tools in a way that we think makes way more sense. Create content under “Create.” See an overview of your content under “Measure.” And manage your account under “Admin.”

    A dedicated content management page with Streams and Articles

    While you can create two types of content (Streams and Articles), we want the management of all types of content to happen in one place. Our new All Content page finally makes that possible. We’ve even added powerful new filters to make it easy to search for specific content. To access the new listing page click the “Create” menu and select “All Content”.

    The smaller changes:

    • A new measurement overview page that will allow you to see the performance of your content based on its type, category, etc. (Similar to the page previously known as the “Event Archive.”)*
    • Rethought stream-level analytics page for source metrics and statistics over time.*

    *For accounts enabled with our Enhanced Metrics Package

    New additions:

    Live Scoreboards

    You can now add a Scoreboard to the top of any stream, allowing your audience to follow along with a game from anywhere.** (See our knowledge base for a list of supported leagues.)

    Auto-post Instagram photos.

    We’ve added the ability to collect Instagram photos and videos from a particular user or containing a specific hashtag for easy publication to your streams.

    ** Live scoreboard must be enabled at the account level. Please contact your CSM or Account Executive to inquire about adding Live Scoreboards to your package.

    Any questions or concerns about the upcoming changes? Please get in touch with your Client Success Manager, or contact our support team.

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