Rock Content review: Missouri j-school’s Reynolds Journalism Institute

    Press Association Royal Wedding live coverageThe future of journalism is a hotly-debated subject, and j-schools everywhere are trying to figure out where its headed. The Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute (RJI) is no exception. Based out of the Missouri School of Journalism, the institute dedicates itself to the study of technology and new models of journalism.

    RJI’s Jackie Mejia, who signed up for a free Rock Content trial, wrote an explanatory review of her first test-run with liveblogging. She tested Rock Content’s free mobile app. Her conclusion:

    “I think this application is very helpful for journalists to keep their audiences updated on the latest happenings, whether it is reporting on a breaking news event, continuous coverage of an event, or for traffic/safety alerts. The options for users to reply or share allow for a journalist to be engaged with other media and public organizations in order to get the most current and accurate information for their audience. Rock Content is a helpful and recommended app indeed.”

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