Rock Content Spotlight: Egypt, the Premier League and German debates

    Last week, the news belonged to Egypt and to the chaos that has resulted in hundreds of deaths, thousands of injuries and the destruction of cities across the country. We highlighted some of the best live coverage in a blog post last week, one example which we feature again in this week’s Spotlight alongside a few other great events.

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    As with all good reporting, this live coverage begins with a simple introductory post that sets the scene and offers readers the most important contextual information. With such a huge amount of content available – particularly with the deluge of eye witness accounts streaming in from social media – it’s more important than ever to provide your audience with context. That’s exactly what ABC news did. From that first post, they do a masterful job of covering the events as they unfold with a combination of their own journalists’ reports and content curated from social networks. For the latter, it’s essential that you find reliable, informative sources; ABC’s first port of call appears to have been reporters from the world’s most respected media organisations, with tweets from Alistair Beach of the Independent and NY Times’ David Kirkpatrick both featured on the first page. Excellent coverage of a truly shocking event.

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    One of the few good things about watching the summer slowly slip away is the return of the football season across Europe – finally all that chatter about injuries, transfers and friendlies can take a back seat. To celebrate the return of the English Premier League, Sky Sports ran a live event that covered all of the weekend’s topflight matches.

    The look of the page shows exactly what you can achieve by integrating Scribble’s API: very slick layout, team logos and highlighted posts. Looking beyond the presentation, the liveblog offers everything a football fan could want in one place – coverage from all the matches, video interviews with players/coaches, analysis from pundits and reactions on social media. Welcome back Premier League. We’ve missed you!

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    Every summer, The Dallas News organizes a book club discussion about a novel in order to, in the words of editor Nicole Stockdale, ‘give us all an outlet to share our thoughts, ask questions, think a little more deeply about this novel and, by extension, the world around us.’ This year they’re talking about Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk by local author Ben Fountain.

    Everyone talks about the importance of an engaged, committed readership, and an event like this shows just how willing readers are to get involved in the debate. They write long, nuanced, insightful posts about their reactions to the book and use the discussion feature to interact with each other. Even those who remained silent enjoyed it: ‘Thank you Dallas Morning News and Nicole, great choice of book and great week of reading the blog. I never commented however very interesting to listen and absorb.’

    It’s also great to see that, in order to drive traffic, they put adverts in their Sunday newspaper.

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    Going to university for the first time can be a daunting task and first time students inevitably have a slew of questions that need answering: What books do I need to read? What courses should I take? Which class can I pass with the least amount of studying? Acknowledging this unavoidable panic, the Ryerson School of Journalism launched an orientation question and answer session with three of its staff. As is good practice for any Q & A, they wrote a bio for each participant, but beyond that, there was no real science to it – they just let the questions flow and provided the students with answers. A great way to ease the strain of orientation and an amazing example of how Scribble can be used for internal communications.

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    Here’s another example of community engagement at its best, exemplifying how to use Scribble to breach the gap between media. In the run-up to the German election, Das Erste – a channel in ARD’s television network – is planning a series of debates in which top politicians are grilled by young people across Germany. To prepare for ‘Überzeugt Uns’ (Convince Us), they have set up a Scribble event where their readers can leave questions for the politicians, give feedback on the project and discuss politics. In fact, their remit is pretty wide: “What are your concerns, worries and needs for us to put to the guests? How do you like our website? This is a space for you criticism and suggestions.” Naturally, the best comments and questions on the website will be put to the studio guests – web and TV working in harmony.

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