Rock Content Spotlight: Festivals, Trials and Bicycles

    Other than rhyming, bicycles, festivals and trials have one thing in common – amazing liveblogs! Today we have coverage of the British Summer Time music festival, the always-great Tour de France, and the trial of Clippers owner Donald Sterling. On the non-rhyming front, we also have great coverage of the UFC Dublin fight held on Saturday night, the Coral-Eclipse horse race in the UK and the tragic loss of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 over Eastern Ukraine. Check out more about each event below.

    Barclaycard Presents BST Hyde Park Live by AEG Europe


    This liveblog of the British Summer Time Hyde Park music festival includes great photos, videos, polls and reporting from all aspects of the festivities. Definitely a great example of how to cover a festival and engage a readership!

    Clipper Ownership Trial by LA Daily News


    Other than LeBron’s decision to return to the Cleveland Cavaliers, no other story was bigger for the NBA this past year than the scandal involving LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling. The story involved racism, league tensions, an untested NBA commissioner and public outcry. Donald Sterling is now banned for life from the NBA, and Shelley Sterling, his wife, is battling him for the right to sell the team. It’s a confusing mess of a legal battle, but the LA Daily News has an clear liveblog of the updates from the first day of trial, featuring tweets, wrap up stories and photos.

    Coral-Eclipse day blog by The Racing Post


    This great liveblog features coverage of the Coral-Eclipse horse race in the UK. It has great photos, videos and live updates from reporter Lewis Porteous. The best part about this liveblog, though, are the ads. The blog featured inline ads inserted throughout and is a great example of a way to monetize your realtime coverage.

    Le Tour de France by Team SKY and SKY Sports

    Team Sky

    Just in time for everyone to recoup from their collective World Cup hangover comes le Tour de France. The biggest event in international cycling, it’s filled with scandal and racing thrills. I personally love reading about the strategy behind the marathon race. However, if you’re looking for live updates, look no further than Sky. Team Sky has a great live blog featuring updates on the Sky cycling team, with a race map tracker, photo slideshow and team information interactive display. Sky Sports brings you content from the race as a whole, covering all competing teams. Both have great content, make sure to check them out.

    Loss of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 by CNN


    The loss of MH17 is a terrible tragedy, and as the days go by, more information surrounding the crash is being revealed. The tragic story of the crash victims, theories on how the plane crashed in such a hot conflict zone and the politics that surround the event are all creating a flurry of news stories. CNN has this incredible liveblog that gathers all the information you would want, along with an updating livearticle at the top, with photos, slideshows and videos.

    UFC Fight Night Dublin by Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)

    UFC Dublin

    This liveblog covers everything you’d want to know about the UFC Dublin event, but great event photos, vines, social media and this mustache aren’t the only things that make this liveblog awesome. Interesting facts, behind the scenes photos and videos and other periphery content make this liveblog super engaging and worth a look through. It’s a perfect companion to the live TV show, and shows how real time content can go above and beyond simple coverage of what’s happening in the main event.

    Upcoming Events

    TV Chat – The Three Shows You Can’t Miss This Fall by Postmedia

    The Television Critics’ Association Tour is winding down. Now that the critics have heard from the networks, what do they think will be the best bets for the new season? Stay tuned as the Postmedia TV pros each reveal the three shows you shouldn’t miss this fall. Their liveblog can be syndicated for free through the Scribble Market.

    July 22 at 1:00 p.m. EST

    Ask Our Experts: Managing Pain by WebMD

    Join Peter Abaci, MD, founder of the Bay Area Pain and Wellness Center and author of “Take Charge of Your Chronic Pain”; and Paul Christo, MD, MBA, Harvard-trained anesthesiologist and Johns Hopkins-trained pain medicine specialist as they discuss topics such as safe medication practices, pain relief, lifestyle, exercise, and more. Their liveblog can be syndicated for free through the Scribble Market.

    July 23 at 1:00 p.m. EST

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