Rock Content updates: Twitter, statistics and engagement minutes

    This week brought about big changes for Rock Content’s statistics tool, Twitter functions and available languages.

    Here are the highlights.


    Last week, we wrote about changes in the way that Rock Content interacts with Twitter. Yesterday, those changes rolled out.

    Here are the key front-end changes:

    • the Twitter bird is always visible
    • a user’s avatar is always on
    • the username and @ handle is always located on the top left-hand side
    • the timestamp is always at the top right-hand side
    • the reply, retweet, and favourite links show up upon hovering
    • all usernames and avatars link to the corresponding Twitter profile page
    • and all hashtags link to Twitter searches

    As for the Twitter changes in the back end, you’ll notice that there’s now a character counter when you Tweet & Post. You can also connect your Rock Content account to more than one Twitter account. When using Tweet & Post, you can select one of those accounts and Tweet from it.

    If you  add a URL while you’re in the ‘Tweet & Post mode, it will be shortened as soon as you hit space into a “” URL.



    Another major change is in the way statistics are collected and presented for each event.

    On the statistics page, you can now find quite a bit of detailed information about your event: concurrent watchers, total unique, total page views, total engagement minutes, unique users who posted.commented, total posts, total published comments, and total moderated comments.

    You can read more about the User Engagement Minutes metric – found in the top right corner of the statistics tool – here.



    Rock Content also now supports 21 languages on the front and back end of the website.

    For more information, check out this blog post.

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