See how many people are watching your liveblog!

    With the US election tomorrow night, we couldn’t resist rolling out a new much-requested feature on Rock Content: a real-time visitor counter!

    Everyone is curious how many people are watching their liveblog, and now it’s easy to find out. Whether you have your liveblog embedded, crossposted, or are linking right to, we’ll keep track of the number of unique visitors watching your event in real-time. You’ll find the count right in the header and it’s accurate to about 20 seconds. The entire system is built on memcached so it can keep pace with all the traffic you hit us with.

    There’s even more to come in the way of metrics including traffic graphs and other statistics. If you have any suggestions for what you would like to see, drop me a comment.

    Hope everyone has fun liveblogging tomorrow night! Happy liveblogging!


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