Short-Form Video: The Fundamental Piece of your Content Strategy

Strategic in marketing content to your targeted audiences, short-form videos can entice, intrigue, inform, and educate while also leaving audiences asking for more.

Updated: February 24, 2022
Short-Form Video: The Fundamental Piece of your Content Strategy

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Consumers today love videos and often prefer them to any other type of content. Brands, too, are taking notice and stepping up to meet this preference and the ensuing demand.

In particular, video marketing is expanding and reaching more consumers than ever before across the most popular social media platforms.

This effect is occurring as a result of the explosion of short-form videos. And if you’re not already using these in your content strategy, it’s time to start.

By providing short bursts of entertainment, information, or educational content, you deliver a new way for consumers to engage with the world and with your particular brand.

If you need another reason to use them, consider that short-form videos already have the highest ROI of any other social media strategy.

As attention spans continue to shorten, capturing the attention of consumers is becoming more challenging. That’s where short-form content can help.

Keep reading to learn more!

    What are Short-Form Videos?

    Short-form videos are those that, on average, range anywhere between 60 seconds and two minutes and 20 seconds.

    Yet, depending on each platform, the optimal video length may be shorter or longer.

    For example, TikTok now allows for up to three-minute short-form videos, while on Instagram Reels, it is 60 seconds.

    YouTube is the outlier, allowing for longer short-form content videos of up to ten minutes.

    Short-form videos are a way for brands and creators to showcase content in a new way, share information, or convey messages.

    They can be used strategically in marketing content to capture the emotions of viewers and personalize a brand.

    Consumers personally engage with your brand through these videos. You can use video advertising to capture their attention at different points along their buyer’s journey.

    Short-form video content is already an ideal way to reach millennials and also younger generations who are increasingly favoring short-form videos over all other types of media currently available.

    Benefits of Short-Form Video

    Short-form videos provide a medium for people to consume information quickly. When done well, they can help you build brand identity and lead to higher conversions.

    The advantages, or benefits of short-form videos, then, are numerous, including the following.

    Promotes Higher Engagement

    Short-form videos can promote higher engagement with targeted audiences, particularly the younger generations who value video above all other forms of content.

    Videos are often shared across social media, and if you provide space for feedback and comments, more engagement and interaction among your brand and customers can result.

    Results in Memorable Content

    Short-form content is easier to consume and remember, avoiding excessive fluff that adds nothing to the message or theme of the video.

    This, in turn, makes it more impactful and memorable for your targeted audience.

    Ranks Higher in Google Search Results

    Videos, even in short form, benefit your SEO by holding the attention of visitors longer, keeping them on the platform, which can lead to higher rankings on Google.

    The Google algorithm takes into account the number of time users spend on websites, such as YouTube, and positions these higher on search engine results pages (SERPs).

    Increases Email Open Rates

    Adding short-form video content to your email marketing campaign can increase email open rates. Be sure to include the word “video” in your email subject line for best effect.

    Gets You Out in Front of Your Targeted Audience

    Consumers today experience declining attention spans thanks to a constant onslaught of visual content competing for their time.

    By leveraging the abilities and attractiveness of short-form content, you can move ahead of the competition and engage more of your targeted audience.

    Creates Community

    Short-form video campaigns can create a sense of community among viewers.

    For example, a brand challenge can entice viewers to try something new, share their particular insights, and participate in a competition or trend.

    Often, by doing so, participants feel a connection to the brand and to a community of other brand challenge participants.

    3 Best Platforms for Short-Form Videos

    Various platforms are proving to be beneficial to brands using short-form videos in their digital marketing strategies. Here are three of today’s best platforms to get started on.

    #1: TikTok

    TikTok is the most popular go-to platform for short-form content.

    Video content here often relates in some way to trending music or dance challenges but can be used for more.

    The audience is primarily in the age group range of 10 to 29 years old.

    The platform currently allows for up to three minutes in video length, allowing brands more time to reach their prospective customers.

    #2: Instagram Reels

    Instagram appeals to a wider population than TikTok, with over a billion active users monthly.

    The Instagram Reels feature allows for 15-30 second videos set to music.

    With its algorithm, what viewers see is based on what they have already expressed an interest in and the accounts they follow.

    #3: YouTube Shorts

    YouTube is already known as a video platform attracting people of all ages and interests.

    However, the platform is now beginning to promote its new YouTube Shorts for short-form content.

    Here you can create videos of up to 60 seconds, then edit them directly in the mobile app.

    How to Create Short-Form Videos: Best Practices and Tips

    While short-form content once catered to those seeking entertainment, today, you can create it to more align with your branding goals.

    As a result, short-form videos can be an essential part of your brand’s content marketing strategy.

    Here are a few best practices and tips.

    1. Consistently Consider Your Target Audience First

    The number one to-do is to always consider your target audience.

    Identify which channels are most popular with customers and buyer personas, and learn what each channel is most likely used for.

    This practice will help you determine where you need to be.

    2. Leverage Successful Types of Video Content

    Whether you’re looking for the right fit for a particular campaign or not sure what will serve your brand best, consider leveraging any of the following successful types of short-form video.

    Brand Challenges

    Brand video challenges are inspiring, fun, and engaging.

    These challenges can reach new audiences by inviting them to enter the challenge without having to follow you. Fans love these types of viral challenges as well.

    Customer Testimonials

    Add social proof and build trust in your brand by centering your short-form videos around positive customer experiences with your product or service.

    Product or Event Teasers

    Give viewers a preview of coming events or products to generate interest and intrigue.

    User-Generated Content (UGC)

    Share authentic user-generated content as a sales tool. Let your customers share their experiences and promote your brand for you.

    Product Demos and How-Tos

    Share product demonstrations, highlighting benefits and features. Also, provide glimpses of how to use your product or service in an easy-going manner.

    In other words, demystify the process, so they already know what to expect.

    Behind the Scenes

    To connect more with customers and potential customers, share behind the scene videos. Let them peak inside your world and get to know what and who is behind your brand.

    Today people are looking to make a connection with the brands they purchase, and this type of short-form video can help.

    Explainer, Informational, or Educational Videos

    You can rarely go wrong with explainer, informational, or educational short-form videos.

    Examples of topics for these types of videos can be packing tips, different ways to wear a scarf, or anything else that will capture the attention of your audience.

    Other types of videos to consider include FAQ responses, live-streaming from events, and interviews.

    3. Be Concise

    Conciseness is key to short-form content. Communicate a simple concept to avoid losing the interest of viewers and let them know what benefit the information has for them.

    4. Be Selective about Trends

    Trend culture is epic in short-form videos. TikTok, for example, incorporates music, dances, and social challenges.

    When choosing a platform, determine the trend culture of each and be selective based on your brand and target audience. Also, find a way to stand out and get noticed in these trending cultures.

    5. Ensure Alignment with Brand and Content Strategy

    Make sure each video aligns with your brand guidelines and content strategy.

    Don’t try to force something but instead focus on staying authentic. Find a balance between your needs and what is currently trending.

    6. Produce High-Quality Videos

    The quality of your video matters, even when it is super short. Don’t rush, and don’t scrimp on production quality.

    7. Touch Emotions

    Create videos that touch the emotions of your viewers, and they will be more likely to share them. Use empathetic marketing techniques to reach more of your audience and gain new followers.

    8. Be Aware of Platform Specifications

    Whether you create short-form videos for one platform or plan to repurpose them across various platforms, be aware of the video specifications on each.

    9. Consider Adding Captions

    Consumers often watch videos without sound, so consider adding captions so as to reach more people with your message.

    10. Watch Videos Already Successful

    Research which videos are successful on each of the platforms. You can learn much about your prospective audience this way and find ways to cater your content more effectively.

    11. Track Metrics

    To see how successful your videos are, track metrics and determine if they are accomplishing your goals.

    Include view count, engagement, social sharing, click-through, and conversions. Learn from the results and let them help you create your next videos.

    Wrap Up: Add Short-Form Videos to Your Content Strategy

    With the continuing popularity of videos, marketers can hardly afford to miss out on their value. 

    Their use can be strategic and help your brand reach more audiences across the various social media platforms and beyond.

    Short-form content videos, in particular, excel at creating interest, showcasing your brand, and attracting new customers when placed on platforms such as TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts.

    To further increase viewership, try one of these types of live videos also!


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