Syndication Marketplace provides real-time 2012 London Olympics coverage

    We’re a day away from the world’s most exciting sports event: the Olympics. The 2012 Olympic summer games will take place in London, England: the city has been preparing for the monumental event for years and allocating budget of £9.3bn. Over 10,000 athletes will be making their way to the UK to participate in the games.

    It all kicks off this Friday, July 27, 2012 at 4pm ET with the opening ceremonies. Directed by Oscar-winning filmmaker Danny Boyle, the $42 million ceremony should not be missed.

    We have been keeping a close eye on the excitement leading up to the games and are pleased to offer you our olympic liveblogging guide, listing organizations around the world who will be covering the events in real time.

    Please note that our syndication marketplace is now live, allowing our clients to syndicate exclusive Olympic coverage to your liveblog! This means access to the best quality photo, video, and copy – which your staff can edit and publish on your liveblog. If you’re interested in receiving content into your liveblog from other sources or syndicating your content out, please contact [email protected] or your account executive.

    MSN UK

    MSN UK is counting down to the Olympic games and syndicating The Press Association’s live coverage leading up to the games. They also have a dedicated live coverage page, with beautiful interactive ads from McDonald’s and others.


    Is publishing all their Olympics stories into their liveblog, along with some photos of the pre-games preparations.

    NY Daily News

    The New York Daily News sent their reporter–and London native–Christina Boyle to provide live coverage of the games. Their liveblog provides some great candid footage and reporting from London.

    Sky News

    Sky News has not started their coverage yet, but they have two test liveblogs dedicated to travel disruptions and sports coverage, these are scheduled to open June 27th at 3am. If you’re in the London area during the games, the traffic jam liveblog may be a life saver!

    Team Great Britain
    Well, the games are set in London, so it’s only natural that the host country will have some of the best coverage. This certainly seems to be the case, in addition to pulling in The Press Association’s coveted coverage, they’re publishing tweets and photos from participating athletes.

    If you’re planning to cover the games and would like us to include your liveblog, please let us know in the comment section or tweet at us 🙂

    Let the games begin!

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