Tech Alert: Google Fusion tables and maps

    Data journalists have been using Google Fusion since its inception, and for good reason—it is a tool that makes it relatively straightforward to take a set of data and visualize it on a Google map.

    If you’re familiar with Google Spreadsheets or Excel, Fusion will be easy to pick up. The only difference is you need to have a column with location data in order to create a map. (More on this later!)

    Google Fusion tables, when visualized on a map, are fully interactive—users can click, drag, and zoom around to take in all of the information. And like other Google technology, they’re completely compatible with Rock Content, meaning you can make data into beautiful maps, embed them into an event, and allow your readers to interact with them in real time.

    Enough talking, let’s see it in action:

    How did I do this? Let me take you through it.

    And there you have it: Data journalism + real-time = ScribbleLove


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