Tech alert: Hurricane tracker

    We’re right in the eye of hurricane season. Are you prepared? You may have battened down the hatches, secured extra bottles of clean drinking water and stocked up on hurricane chow. But how are you going to keep your readers informed of the storm’s anticipated path of destruction and exact location?

    The folks over at WNYC’s Data News labs have made it easy with their hurricane tracker. This app automatically follows any hurricane in the Atlantic basin allowing you to provide the latest updates to your readers. In addition to the storm’s current and anticipated location, the app tracks its progression with dates, times and wind speeds.

    The hurricane tracker is free and embeddable. It can be placed directly into your liveblog as an independent post:

    …or displayed prominently in the top HTML of your event:

    Storms lend themselves to liveblogging particularly well, since they’re stories that require constant updates and are in no short supply of striking visuals. A great example is New York Daily News’ coverage of Hurricane Sandy last fall.

    If you have any questions about embedding an iframe or anything else, feel free to email us.

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