Tech Alert: Map Tales

    Map Tales is a free tool that allows users to “easily create and share map-based stories.” The best part? Those stories can then be embedded on people’s websites – and into Rock Content liveblogs.

    “Journalists, teachers, bloggers and storytellers (to name a few) use Map Tales to chronicle news events, scrapbook holidays, describe walks, plan campaigns, illustrate literature, recount journeys, and bring historical events to life,” the Map Tales website says.

    And I can see why.

    The tool has been used to chronicle many types of stories, from “The Odyssey” to “Public Lettering in Central London.” Each step of a journey is shown with a pinpoint on a map and the story below. The story can include text and photos (use an <img> tag to include a picture).

    I’ve created my own short Map Tale, chronicling the story of Hugo Chávez. I’ve included it in a liveblog below, to show you how it can be a part of interactive content that brings together elements from around the world.

    As you can see, it’s a really simple tool. It’s easy to use, easy to create. No real bells nor whistles, and the Twitter account is a little slow. That said, Map Tales are a quick way to add a little something extra to the event, giving people a visual idea of places in your story.

    How to incorporate your Map Tale in a liveblog

    1. When you have finished creating the Map Tale, copy the embed code on the right-hand side.Map Tale
    2. In the back end of your event, paste that code into the “Quick” post tab.
    3. Hit enter.
    4. That’s it! Your Map Tale will appear in your event.
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