Tech Alert: Source

    Source is a much-deserved pat on the back for journalists using code to tell the news.

    A Rock Content client, the Knight-Mozilla OpenNews project created the site and launched it in late October. According to this article, the director of the project, Dan Sinker, said on MediaShift Idea Lab, that “the site would combine ‘in-depth articles that dig into the hows, whys and whos of journalistic development with an index of open news code repositories.'”

    The site lets users search for code use cases through features, community, and code search pages.

    The article quoted Erin Kissane, the site editor, as saying,”journalism coders are swamped with work and low on time for documenting their projects and connecting their work with others. We aim to make those processes easier, by publishing project walk-throughs and interviews and by maintaining a searchable, filterable index of news development projects.”

    It’s a very cool platform for getting the latest developments on how code is being used in the news and connecting with the journalists who act as the coders.

    The Knight-Mozilla OpenNews project – responsible for Source – uses a donated Rock Content account.

    November 9-11, the organization used it for their Mozilla Festival in London, England. The MozFest website outlines the goals of the event:

    • Make things with the tools Mozilla and others are creating
    • Learn who is building what, how we can share and help each other
    • Imagine making in 100 years: what future are we building?
    • Design the things we want to build next, especially for mobile
    • Fuel leaders who want to invent, teach and organize
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