Tech Alert: TimelineJS

    Our clients are always surprising us with the innovative ways they’re using our technology. A great example is one client who took a unique approach to a discussion they hosted about a German political party: they created an interactive timeline.

    The timeline pulled in videos, comments and other content to elegantly show the progression of the party over time. In this way, the editors were able to take a dense, complicated issue and make it more palatable to readers.

    News events– especially ones that span several months or years– can be difficult to accurately describe using words alone. And thick, fact-heavy posts can be difficult to digest but timelines make it easier to give your viewers the context they need to understand the story you’re delivering.

    TimelineJS is a product that allows you to generate an iFrame that can be embedded directly into your online discussion. It can pull in photos, videos, quotes, tweets and SoundCloud files, creating an interactive and chronological story that engages readers and adds additional content to your live chat.

    Have you used a timeline to enhance your live content? If so, we’d love to hear about it!


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