Tech alert: twXploring Twitter

    There are currently over 550 million registered users on Twitter, with 135,000 new ones signing up for the service every day, according to numbers from Static Brain. An average day sees 58 million tweets published—the key here is to find the ones relevant to you.

    How do you sift through the noise on Twitter, if you’re doing one of the day’s 2.1 billion searches?

    twXplorer helps. Its “About” page says that it represents “a smarter way to search Twitter,” and it does so in four ways.

    Sounds pretty neat, right? Let’s see it in action now.

    twXplorer adds to what the Rock Content platform is already doing in Twitter searches, offering a reliable and easy way to organize the tweets.

    A normal search on Twitter will let you do little more than simply scroll through the results and hope that you find what you are looking for. Over time, or with a common search, the tweets become indistinguishable from one another but with twXplorer it’s easy to identify trends and links between topics. The tool also works for Twitter lists, showing you the most popular terms, hashtags and links of the recent tweets for the users in a given list.

    It puts the power in your hands and lets you customize your searches. It’s different than other search tools in that it adds filters to searches, making it more likely that searches lead to unexpected, though still relevant, results. Further, it’s easy to save search results in a “snapshot,” and every snapshot will be available at the simple click of a mouse.

    twXplorer can help journalists and researchers alike. It certainly is a great tool with which to explore Twitter!

    If you have any questions about this technology or other Tech Alert tools, feel free to email us.

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