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    Maybe it’s because of its name that seems best positioned to help clients tell their story—because with just their name, they themselves manage to tell their entire story. The platform brings stories to life…visually! describes itself on its website as “a one-stop shop for the creation of data visualizations and infographics, bringing together Marketing Gurus, Data Nerds and Design Junkies based on shared interests.” We chose it for this week’s Tech Alert for the incredible database of infographics, data visualizations, videos and interactives that can be embedded into your pages—and included in your real-time content.

    Here, I am hosting a discussion on the psychology of social media. Prior to organizing the event, I searched the database of illustrations on and found two that I liked—an illustration that details the optimal times to post on the different social media platforms, and a video on the interaction between social media and loneliness. Both illustrations are included in this live event, but how did I do it? It couldn’t be easier.

    A animation/video can help a corporate or media user tell a story and drive traffic and engagement on its website, just like a liveblog does. Thus, both could/should be used together to help boost engagement with an audience even more, right? Win Win.

    But isn’t the first illustrating platform that this blog highlights. What makes it different than Many Eyes or ScraperWiki?

    “Our streamlined process makes it easy to produce data-rich, shareable content for companies and organizations of any size,” Our platform website says.

    Also, if their library and quick-use customization tools aren’t enough, actively helps clients find the perfect way to illustrate their story by pairing them up with developers through the Visually Marketplace. The developers then create the illustration that is commissioned—though that process can be pricey, as infographics go for $999, videos for $5,000, interactive illustrations for $7,500 and presentations for $2,000.

    The 43,794 (as of Oct. 10) illustrations are organized by categories and anyone can search for the one illustration that will best bring their story to life. Ours is a visual world, after all.

    If you have any questions about this technology or other Tech Alert tools, feel free to email us.

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