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    At Rock Content, we’re passionate about storytelling, and we’re especially enthusiastic about being able to tell each part of the story in ways that truly transport your audience to the setting of your story.

    That’s why we’re always excited about Zeega, a free platform that combines the slideshow format of PowerPoint with the capability to add interactive Google StreetView pages, Soundcloud embeds, Facebook albums and all kinds of files to each slide. Using a Photoshop-like format and a cool bookmarklet to copy external files to, you’re able to add each component in layers, so that you can fully immerse your audience in the story.

    Zeega  Editor

    When you’re ready to publish, Zeega will give you the URL and embed code to slip seamlessly into your Rock Content event:



    As one of my esteemed colleagues described it, it’s a bit “clunky” for users, and it takes some work and heavy experimenting to figure out all of the ways to add content to your Zeega. I also wish it looked a little nicer after it has been embedded, particularly with those enormous black bars on top and below the slideshow.  But it’s a great opportunity to create content that you can prepare in advance of a story. News organizations and brands can use the content they already own, such as photos and stock footage or research, to pre-package interactive aspects to add to a new, real-time story (imagine, when the new Pope was being chosen, taking your readers on a tour of the Sistine Chapel while they waited for white smoke).

    In fact, whether you use Zeega or not, we recommend pre-packaging content as part of the planning stage of any Scribble story. Remember to ask yourself, what do we already have that could add to a reader’s understanding or experience of this real-time story?

    Really, the possibilities are endless. But there is still one remaining question: what’s with the name, Zeega?

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