That’s a wrap! at Conversion Conference San Francisco

What an action-packed, conversion-focused two days we have had! Conversion Conference San Francisco was successful in teaching us all how to turn more clicks into customers, from all different perspectives. Read More.

    What an action-packed, conversion-focused two days that San Francisco has had! As we talked about yesterday, Tim Ash kicked off Conversion Conference, preparing us for the information we would all learn in the next 48 hours. Of course, he ended the conference putting all that knowledge to work… with an “afternoon at the Improv.” 

    Closing out the conference, attendees gathered together for a fun-filled live landing page review session. Tim asked attendees to email him their landing page URL. Involving the crowd and grabbing some laughs, Tim Ash, Bart Schutz of Online Dialogue, and Lance Loveday of ClosedLoop, nicely review each landing page to give recommendations. Attendees put their newly-found knowledge to the test to get some free optimization tips for their brand’s or client’s landing pages. After the two-days worth of sessions, it was great for everyone to see real-life examples of some strong landing pages and some not so strong landing pages. What an engaging and informative way to end Conversion Conference San Francisco!

    As for day two of the conference, here are some points to leave with as the ion team travels back to the east coast:

    • A consumer is a brain. They can either be system 1, which is fast to make choices, emotional, and works off the subconscious. Or they can be system 2, which is slow to make choices, rational, and requires attention.
    • Let your customer think he’s free in his choices.
    • Content marketing pillars: create share worthy content, analyze relevant sites to share with, and track performance.
    • For blogs, the object of the headline now is to get you to click.
    • The blog shouldn’t be about your product; it’s about your reader.
    • Gaps between visits are just as important. “What are they doing when they’re not on your site?”
    • 99.5% of smartphone mobile web sessions do not result in a buy. However, 65% of email is now opened first on mobile.
    • Email Marketing: Rule #1 Respect the inbox. Make every email a “gift.”
    • Content is not about quantity first and quality second. You want to produce the kind of content that engages.

    Conversion Conference San Francisco was successful in teaching us all how to turn more clicks into customers, from all different perspectives. From sessions to exhibitors to contests where you could win $1000, Conversion Conference brought it all. We were so glad to be apart of it and happy to fill you in on the best takeaways. It’s all about the conversion!

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