Timeline infographic: how to create one + examples and ideas

A timeline infographic is a type of graphic that visually displays information in the context of time progression. This feature can be used in presentations, marketing content, and a variety of other occasions.

Timeline infographic: how to create one + examples and ideas

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A timeline infographic is a visual resource commonly used to illustrate information within a time context.

Complex and data-filled content can be challenging to didactically present in text-only form. Illustrations and infographics have greater visual appeal and help to exemplify time progression.

This feature can be applied to various types of content, such as internal reports, ebooks, videos, online courses, data visualization, and several other options used in Digital Marketing.

It is necessary to follow some important visual parameters to create a timeline infographic. These standards ensure that the result is attractive and informative.

This post will show you more about this visual resource and how it can be created. You will know more about:

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What is a timeline infographic?

A timeline infographic is a type of graphic that visually displays information in a time progression context. The idea is to highlight pieces of information by associating them with periods but addressing the data to be illustrated in detail.

Timeline infographic is a very popular format, especially in presentations. It is used on several occasions, mainly because it is very flexible. It can illustrate any time progression and related information, provided it is developed with quality.

When to use a timeline infographic?

A timeline infographic is a widely used resource in Marketing, principally to illustrate planning and results over a period. Knowing about these different applications is essential to understand more about it. Check it out below!

Project timelines

Do you need to submit a project plan to your marketing team? A timeline infographic helps to illustrate each intended action within that time context. Each element in this infographic will point out what work is to be done and define the specific date.

Processes timelines

Work processes in a company need to be structured. The timeline infographic is the best way to do that, illustrating all the steps continuously in a time sequence.

Business presentation

This type of graphic is also very effective as one of several possible data visualization techniques. In this case, the timeline structure makes it possible to illustrate marketing campaigns’ results, for example, as the months or weeks of progress.

History timeline

Timeline infographics can also be a resource for presenting the history of a company, someone, and the evolution of a market, among other various options.

Generally, in this format, the milestones are divided into more specific periods, such as year, month, or day. The idea is precisely to tell a story using facts contextualized with time.

How to create a timeline infographic?

An excellent timeline infographic results from a production work that meets the main requirements to develop such content. Here are some points on how to effectively create this content.

Create an outline

A simple outline is the starting point of a great timeline infographic. Start with an idea and then pass it on to the paper without much commitment to its aesthetics. After all, you are just structuring an idea.

In this outline, insert all the information within their respective periods, following the order of progression. Now you can start developing the perfect model from this simple exercise.

Define milestones

Which milestones are essential for your chart? It all depends, first of all, on what the timeline infographic will be about. If it is a marketing plan, the milestones will be the stages of the project. If it is a content marketing strategy, the graphic can have the following milestones:

  • Planning
  • Content creation
  • Publication of the contents
  • Dissemination of the contents
  • Measurement of results

It is vital to include in every milestone the exact definition of what it is. The details will help to make the timeline infographic more informative.

Design the template

Time to deliver that outline to your design team! The creative staff will be responsible for bringing the project to life, considering the information, the milestones, and the necessary details in each of these points.

The design is a crucial part of a good result because, at this stage, the visual features are created. Graphics are mechanisms to illustrate information — that is, it is fundamental that the design is pleasant, easy to understand, and organized.

Choose fonts and visuals that help to tell the story

Still in the design stage, fonts and visuals that illustrate the infographic help to improve the understanding of information and contextualize it temporally. It is essential to ensure some points like:

  • Readable fonts that make the information clear
  • Thematic sources that help to display the data and information
  • Arranging the data to make it easier to read
  • Distribution of content in an organized way
  • Use of graphic elements that respect the visual language of the company


Is the infographic done? Then it’s time to revise it to make sure that it has the highest possible quality. When it’s time to review:

  • Make sure the information is clear
  • Check if the data is correct
  • Check if all the elements are visible

Publish and promote

After the content is revised, it’s time to publish. It is essential to know in which channels you will do that because your audience is distributed or concentrated on different platforms. Choose the one where the potential reach of this infographic is highest.

What are the best examples of timeline infographics?

A timeline infographic is a great tool for visual marketing and it can be applied in various segments to achieve distinct goals. Below, check out some examples of this type of graph.

A Day in the Life of a Leasing Admin

The idea of this infographic created by Visually was to illustrate how the routine of an admin lease is like. The content shows a time progression of the hours of a working day.

National Coalition for History

This infographic created by our team at Visually brings a timeline of accomplishments achieved by the organization over the years.

The Evolution of Salad

This graphic made by Visually shows an evolution in salad preparation forms, from its invention in Roman-era to the early 2000s.

You can find many free templates of those infographics for download on websites, but it’s important to be careful about their quality. Graphics designed by specialists can generate much better results.

There is no doubt that a timeline infographic is a great visual resource to illustrate internal presentations, content for the audience, among other options. Relevant information and solid visual identity are essential.

Are you looking for visual content like the ones we showed in this post? Contact Visually and find out what we can do for your project!

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