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    Veteran liveblogger Lee Odden offers tips and tricks for creating successful live coverage in a post for online marketing blog TopRank. First, he makes a case for putting the resources into it: “Liveblogging has helped TopRank Online Marketing and myself personally achieve numerous business and marketing goals at a fraction of the cost and far more effectively than many traditional marketing, advertising and content creation tactics.”

    Odden offers suggestions for preparing for the event ahead of time, including answering the all-important five Ws – who, what, where, when, why. (It’s also important to charge your batteries, folks). If you’re covering a conference, sit in the front row, and take lots of photos. Another helpful tip, he writes — Follow a format:

    “Trying to capture everything that’s said can be boring & impossible, especially if speakers don’t follow any kind of structure. To get a good liveblog post from a session with speakers that ramble, or a topic you’re not super familiar with, just listen for the best quotes, stats and highlights for a “10 tips about topic XYZ post”.”

    Promotion should happen before, during and after the event — and top it all off with a roundup post (Rock Content’s LiveArticle is a great tool for that).  Odden adds: “Real time isn’t a luxury, it’s expected at events. People are going to get the information from somewhere, why not from you? If you can consistently provide quality live blogging coverage, you’ll win many new friends: speakers, event, media, subscribers and maybe even prospective clients and employees.” Check out the full post for more tips.

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