Top 5 Spotlight: Iran, Toronto’s crack scandal and the NBA in italiano

    From one Canadian mayor’s run-ins with crack dealers to an awkward hug between two former NFL teammates, last week’s news ran the gamut – as did our clients’ output of real-time content. In this week’s Rock Content Spotlight, one thing that does stand out is that our top two spots are held by companies that covered breaking news with more than one Rock Content event. These two organizations – the Toronto Star and La Gazzetta – used different tools within the platform to create different elements to real-time stories and engage their audiences.

    Rob Ford video scandal and Rob Ford documents, Toronto Star


    The world has again turned its eyes toward Toronto’s crack-smoking mayor scandal. The city’s leading newspaper – the Toronto Star – wasn’t going to let this prime real-time opportunity slide by the wayside. They’ve been covering the events with liveblogs from multiple angles. Last week, highlights included an interview their own journalistslive accounts as Ford said he wouldn’t resign and coverage as Sandro Lisi appeared in court. Keeping the focus of each event separate has helped with the clarity of narrative. The Star also embeds their live events in story pages – a best practice that we can’t stress enough. Static stories can’t be updated as quickly as a live event, and by sticking the liveblog below the text the Toronto Star is ensuring their readers get the important news as it happens. The coverage has continued through this week; stay tuned to their white label page for more as the story develops.

    NBA opening night, La Gazzetta


    Some sports can bring people together across oceans, cultures and languages – and basketball is one of them. Before shoes even hit the courts, La Gazzetta was publishing real-time content about the NBA in the form of an Article. Here, La Gazzetta links people to polls and more of their organization’s information about each of the teams. When the season began, La Gazzetta was all over the opener between the Miami Heat and the Chicago Bulls. Their coverage includes polls, comments, text posts, social media updates, audio and video – giving those who speak Italian an inside look at the NBA, complete with colour commentary and stats in images.

    Inside Iran, ABC News

    ABC News

    It’s not easy for the average citizen to get inside Iran, so ABC News is trying to get people an inside glimpse through a real-time story. ABC News correspondent Muhammad Lila began reporting from Iran, “digging into a changing country few Americans understand.” Lila has been exploring the streets of the capital with Iranian street artists, talking to the clerics in Qom and skateboarding with young Iranians in north Tehran. Viewers can participate in a social discussion, using the hashtag #InsideIran. Muhammad Lila is using Twitter to post, but Molly Hunter has been pulling in those tweets and adding context using Rock Content. Here’s a great example that provides context to a photo of career diplomat and Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Marzieh Afkham.

    Your Hurricane Sandy Heroes, New York Daily News


    When Hurricane Sandy hit New York, the New York Daily News produced some of the best live coverage on the story. But the story hasn’t stopped there. Last week, the news organization created a live event asking residents to post their stories about Sandy heroes, either through commenting on the live event or tweeting with the hashtag #NYDNsandyhero. Though short, the liveblog is poignant. The resulting stories include life-saving family members, heart-felt thanks to those working through the disaster and an outpouring of appreciation for the kindness of strangers.

    Aaron Rodgers-Greg Jennings: You write the caption, Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel


    Aaron Rodgers and Greg Jennings have an up-and-down relationship. Their teamwork helped the Green Bay Packers to many wins, including a Super Bowl. But their relationship soured when Jennings moved to the Minnesota Vikings and made some critical comments about Rodgers. The latest twist came in the form of an awkward post-game hug – the two embraced on the field, with Jennings doing most of the whispering in his former QB’s ear. The Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel published the picture and asked their readers for a cutline using Rock Content’s commenting tool. My favourites include:

    • Can I borrow some dignity? I lost my near Black River Falls 🙁
    • You smell so nice…Like victory!
    • Let me just get that knife out of your back.
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