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    If you’ve used Rock Content on your laptop, desktop or tablet browser, you know all about the magic of Tweet + Post—that is, the ability to post content to your Rock Content event while simultaneously pushing it out to your Twitter followers.

    Mobile users, we’ve heard you loud and clear: You too can now Tweet + Post from our iPhone and Android mobile apps.

    How does it work? I’m glad you asked.

    Connecting, sharing, engaging

    In addition to the obvious advantage of only having to pound out updates using nothing more than two thumbs once, there are a few other benefits to using Tweet + Post on your mobile app:

    • Simplify your mobile workflow: When you’re on the ground providing breaking updates on your mobile device, having the ability to write content once and have it send to two places really could not be more awesome.
    • Serve multiple audiences: Focusing on the platform that is powering real-time content on your site (that’s Rock Content!) means that you are placing an emphasis in serving your existing audience with the best content you have. This is fantastic. But by tweeting this content to your Twitter followers with no extra effort, you can engage with another segment of your audience that may have been drifting about the Twittersphere, unaware of your amazing event.
    • Be selective: That all said, you can toggle Tweet + Post off and on with a tap of your thumb to pick and choose what content you want to share to your Twitter followers.
    • Boost SEO: Google likes original content. Authoritative original content, to be exact. When you use our white label pages, Google recognizes that you are updating the page often, and will return to index the content more frequently than, say, a static website. This can help boost your site in its rankings—provided you’re creating the aforementioned authoritative content that can’t be found anywhere else, of course.*

    *Nobody knows exactly how Google’s algorithms work, so this advice is subject to change at any time.

    Have any questions? Learn more about this and how to use other social networks to engage your real-time audience in our Social Networks and Communities ScribbleU course. Or, as always, drop us a line at [email protected].



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