What is a Freelance Editor?

Are you interested in becoming a freelance editor? Our guide explains everything you need to know to get into this creative field.

what is a freelance editor

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A freelance editor is a contractor who reviews, corrects, and prepares written works for publication for various clients. 

They work on a project-by-project basis and focus on different aspects of a written work, such as content, structure, and grammar, depending on their specialty.

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    Is Being a Freelance Editor a Good Job?

    Freelance editors can set their own hours and work from home, a coffee shop, or a co-working space. 

    They have the freedom to choose the projects they want to work on and can specialize in a particular type of editing, such as fiction or non-fiction. 

    This type of job also allows for a diverse range of clients and projects, providing an opportunity to work on a variety of writing styles, subjects, and genres. 

    Working as a freelance editor can also be financially rewarding, with the potential to earn more money than in a traditional editing position, because you have the ability to set your own rates and work as many—or as few—jobs as you want.

    Drawbacks of Being a Freelance Editor

    Freelance editor work is not always regular, and you will have to be able to adapt to the different needs of your clients. 

    You’ll constantly be having to hustle to bring in new work to keep your cash flow positive.

    Working as a freelance editor is a lonely job. You’ll work alone in a quiet space without colleagues and friendly chit-chat to break up your day. 

    However, if you are a loner by nature, this isn’t necessarily a drawback.

    7 Skills Needed to Become a Successful Freelance Editor

    A freelance editor needs several skills in order to excel in this role. If you want to know more about what is a freelance editor and what they need to be successful, here it is. 

    1. Freelance editors tend to be “natural” when it comes to language. A freelance editor needs to have strong language skills, including mastery of grammar, punctuation, and syntax. They should be able to identify and correct errors in spelling, usage, and style. 
    2. Freelance editors need to have excellent attention to detail and be able to work independently and efficiently. 
    3. Freelance editors also need to be able to work with a variety of formats and styles, including web content, academic papers, and marketing materials.
    4. They should have a deep understanding of the editing process and be able to provide constructive feedback to authors in an objective tone. 
    5. They should also be able to work with a variety of personalities and be able to adapt to different writing styles and levels of expertise. 
    6. Freelance editors need to be proficient with a range of software and tools.
    7. Finally, they should have excellent communication skills and be able to meet deadlines.

    How do I Become a Freelance Editor?

    If you feel that you have the skills necessary to become a freelance editor, you should certainly pursue this field if it interests you. 

    Becoming a freelance editor isn’t like other jobs. There are no definitive steps to this job choice. 

    People with no formal education can be great freelance editors, as can people with a four-year degree in English or Communications from an accredited university. 

    Essentially, to become a freelance editor, you will need to do freelance editing work. This means getting freelance editing clients. 

    Here are some ideas for getting freelance editing work:

    • Reach out to everyone you know and let them know you’re available for freelance editing work.
    • Consider doing your first two or three projects for free or in exchange for non-monetary compensation, like bartering. You won’t work for free later on, but with no experience, you can’t expect people to pay you just yet. You need to prove your worth first.
    • Build a portfolio of your work by editing sample documents and creating a website or online profile to showcase your skills.
    • Network with writers online to find potential clients or job opportunities. Join social media groups of writers.
    • Collect reviews and testimonials from satisfied clients and post them on your website or portfolio page.
    • Be prepared to market yourself and your services to potential clients.
    • Consider joining professional organizations such as the American Society of Journalists and Authors or the Editorial Freelancers Association.
    • Develop a pricing strategy that is in line with the market and your level of experience. You may need to ask other freelance editors how they charge.

    The Road to Success as a Freelance Editor

    Freelance editors can make as little or as much as they want, up to reasonable limits. 

    How far you get in your career as a freelance editor is very much up to you. 

    If you want to reach your highest potential as a freelance editor, consider the following ideas:

    Continuing Education

    Consider taking additional courses, workshops, and training programs. Stay up to date with the latest editing software and tools, as this will make you more efficient and effective in your work.

    Building Reputation

    Consistently provide outstanding service to your clients, meeting deadlines and delivering high-quality work. A good reputation will attract more clients and lead to more opportunities for growth.

    Developing a Niche

    To stand out from other editors, it’s helpful to develop a niche area of expertise. This could be editing in a specific industry or genre. By specializing, you’ll be able to differentiate yourself from other editors and attract clients who are looking for someone with your specific skills.

    Expanding Client Base

    Always engage in networking and reaching out to potential clients, as well as building a strong online presence through social media and a professional website.

    Creating Your Own Editing Services Or Products

    Consider creating your own editing services or products, like writing guides, editing software, or ebooks. 

    This will give you another revenue stream and help you establish yourself as an authority in the field.

    Mentorship and Teaching

    This can be done through formal programs and informal mentoring relationships.

    Becoming a freelance editor is a great way to earn extra money or build an entirely new career. 

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