What Is ‘Good Content’ Anyway? Find Out What Google Users Think

Updated: May 15, 2023
what makes a good content

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What defines good content? Is what’s good for you, good for other people too?

Anyone who’s into digital-age content creation knows that competition’s fierce out there. With millions of other people trying to succeed at the same thing, it’s not enough for a piece of content to be well-optimized and well-written. It also needs to be genuinely good.

When we talk about good content, we are talking about content that delivers a good experience to those looking for something specific; content that goes beyond expectations.

According to 87 percent of Google Search users, good content is content that’s helpful, relevant to their needs or interests, and approachable or personal to boot.

Let’s uncover those four essential elements and understand how to implement them when creating content.

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    Why Is High-Quality Content Important?

    By now, you already know that a steady, consistent stream of high-quality content is an important part of generating traffic and maximizing your SERP rankings. But truly good content goes far beyond that as far as its value is concerned.

    Genuinely good content not only captures your audience’s attention but gets into their heads and hearts, influencing how they feel about your brand.

    • Good content helps people recognize your brand and its assets.
    • It helps consumers choose you when it’s time to buy.
    • Good content delivers lasting value that inspires trust in your brand.

    The Four Essential Elements of Good Content

    Most marketers understand what makes a piece of content good from a technical standpoint. But what is good content according to Google users, in general, and your target audience, in particular? The following four factors are absolutely crucial.

    1. Good content is relevant

    Today’s audiences want to feel like they’re part of the conversation when it comes to the content they consume. It needs to be in line with their values and interests, as well as directly address their problems and concerns.

    To be relevant, t must suit the audience’s interests, and be produced by accessible creators. According to the same Google survey, 80% of people are more open to branded content when they relate to it in some way. 

    Good content is also easy for consumers to relate to, so creators should always aim to be approachable and personable.

    2. Good content affects people

    Think back to the last really incredible piece of online content you read. Chances are it helped you learn how to do something new, showed you a new way to look at the world, or really got you thinking.

    People want content that teaches, shows new perspectives, and changes people’s perceptions positively towards something. That’s what Google wants from your content: to make an impact on your audience.

    That’s what your audience wants out of the content experiences you give them, as well – to have an influence on them and leave them better off than they were before they read it.

    But above all else, it’s important to put the user experience first.

    Source: Google

    3. Good content tells a story

    According to Google’s survey, an astonishing 94% of users agree that good content has a story to tell, which is hardly a surprise. Human beings are hardwired to love and respond to stories, so look at your content as an opportunity to tell them a good one.

    Consider telling the story behind your brand or about the inspiration that led to your most innovative product ideas. But know that you can turn just about anything into a story with enough creativity.

    4. Good content sparks emotion

    Excellent content doesn’t just change a reader intellectually. It also touches them emotionally and makes them feel something.

    According to Google’s survey, 85% of interviewees said good content evokes some emotion in them. Content that triggers emotion is content people remember and that keeps them coming back to the source for more.

    In sum, when we create new content we need to think that our audience should feel represented and have its needs fulfilled. When the audience doesn’t find what they want in your content, they probably won’t return to see more.

    How to Create Good Content

    Ready to apply what you’ve learned and start creating incredible content of your own? Here are some tips, tricks, and best practices to keep in mind as you start your journey.

    Solve common consumer problems

    Most people who take to Google in search of terrific content either have a problem to solve or a burning question they need an answer to. That’s why it’s crucial for a marketer to know their audience and anticipate their needs.

    What pain points and issues is your ideal customer looking to address? What are their end goals in seeking those answers, and where do they tend to look for content that can help?

    Do plenty of market research

    Effective SEO content taps into what audiences are really out there thinking about and searching for, which can (and does) change over time. That’s why frequent, thorough market research is so important.

    It’s also important to back your broad research up by talking to your actual customers. Ask for feedback on what content they find most helpful or entertaining via forms and surveys. Offer them incentives for sharing to ensure plenty of responses.

    Know your formats

    Although a frequently updated company blog is a must for every brand, don’t be afraid to think outside the box as far as the formats you choose for your content. For example, consider adding more value to your conventional blog posts by adding visuals like videos or infographics.

    Consider whether other content options might be a fit for your brand and audience, as well. Examples include podcasts, standalone videos, and downloadable assets like eBooks and studies.

    Prioritize readability

    Text-based content is generally the mainstay of any content marketing strategy, but making that content good is about more than the writing itself. Formatting is also absolutely crucial.

    Make your posts easy for people to scan or skim by using headings, bullet lists, well-placed imagery, and more. Use approachable vocabulary, as well as short sentences and paragraphs, to ensure your content is accessible to everyone.

    Hire freelancers to scale production

    Single-handedly managing your entire content production campaign on your own is a tall order, even if you run a small business or manage an emerging brand. You need the right people in your corner to help you scale your content production efforts so that they grow along with your business.

    Try joining a trusted content production platform like WriterAccess to take the guesswork out of meeting and hiring the right people. Potential hires are pre-vetted and possess proven expertise, so building a team is simply a matter of finding content creators who fit your brand and style.

    It’s All About User Experience

    When you are looking for a product, you surely prefer to buy from a brand that has good content. Content that speaks with authority on the subject, giving you the confidence that they are the best option for you.

    You’ll learn to do that by keeping track of your data. Observe which content is most visited, which has more conversion, the bounce rate, and so on.

    Above all, always remember to create content that values the audience and user experience the most. Google’s Webmaster Guideline reminds us all that we should not account search engines and bots over the users.

    When we please the user, we are pleasing the search engines.

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    Find top content freelancers on WriterAccess.

    Human Crafted Content

    Find top content freelancers on WriterAccess.

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