What is White Label SEO and How Outsourcing Can Improve Your Ranking

White label SEO can help you offer new services to your clients without the time and expense of hiring new personnel and setting up a new SEO department. You may be losing clients without even realizing it, clients who want a one-stop agency for all of their digital marketing needs.

white label seo

White-label SEO can help you offer new services to your clients without the time and expense of hiring new personnel and setting up a new SEO department.

You may be losing clients without even realizing it, clients who want a one-stop agency for all of their digital marketing needs.

White-label SEO allows you to fill that gap in your services, easily and seamlessly.

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    What is white-label SEO?

    Simply put, white labeling, in the digital marketing context, is outsourcing your SEO services to another firm that specializes in SEO. 

    The client deals directly with you, but (behind the scenes) someone else is doing the SEO work. 

    This is the same concept as a ghostwritten autobiography of a famous person.

    Why should your company use white-label SEO?

    The primary reason to use white-label SEO is that it allows even the smallest marketing agency to offer “big agency” services. 

    With a white label, you only pay for the services your clients use. You don’t have to hire full-time employees, train them, offer them benefits and pay FICA and other taxes related to them.

    When you outsource, it’s also easier to match your expenses with your peak and down times. 

    Your white label expenses are lower when business is down and ramp up when your business increases. 

    With a permanent SEO team, most of your expenses remain whether your business is booming or not.

    By using white-label SEO, you also tap into your partner firm’s experience and expertise. 

    Plus, you don’t have to be concerned about keeping your employees up-to-date on all of the latest SEO best practices. 

    That’s your partner’s responsibility.

    How does white-label SEO work?

    With white-label SEO, you remain your clients’ contact. 

    However, the SEO services are provided by your white-label partner. 

    In a typical case, you provide your partner with the client’s information. The partner then runs an SEO audit of the client’s website and other digital pages, and researches topics and keywords that will work best for those pages. 

    They then develop an SEO strategy, and then implement it by doing things like producing new optimized content, adding backlinks to existing content, and beefing up the back page and technical elements of existing pages.

    Your partner will provide a monthly report to you outlining all of the work they have done during that period on behalf of your client.

    Examples of white-label SEO

    What does white-label SEO look like in practice? We have a few examples for you.

    1. Your client is concerned that their search engine rankings are dropping. They share that, while they are continually adding content, they haven’t looked at any of their existing content in a long time. You suggest an SEO audit and strategy going forward and contact your white-label partner to help make that happen. Your partner completes the audit and recommends adding fresh backlinks to existing content and updating the “behind-the-page” elements.

    2. A client of yours who has a local chain of Mexican restaurants wants to become more visible in local search results. You contact your white label partner who develops and implements an SEO plan that emphasizes local keywords and helps to boost the restaurateur’s position in local search.

    3. Another client is updating her digital marketing plan but is unclear about where she should concentrate her efforts and even where her customers are coming from. With your white-label partner’s help, you are able to provide her with easy-to-read reports that tell her what keywords her website visitors are using to reach her pages and a brief demographic profile of her site visitors.

    White Label SEO with WriterAccess

    Good SEO is an art and a science. 

    These services are not something you can easily do yourself without a dedicated, experienced department that keeps abreast of all of the frequent changes. 

    Using white label with a partner like WriterAccess allows you to instantly ramp up your SEO services and offer your clients something additional. 

    At WriterAccess, we offer a broad range of white-label SEO services, ranging from creating well-written content to making sure that content is well-optimized so that it will rank well with Google and other search engines.

    WriterAccess has a team of more than 15,000 writers and editors with divergent backgrounds and experience. 

    In addition, you can partner with one of the platform’s content managers, who will make sure that all of your content is SEO-ready.

    We’re proud of our nearly perfect success record. 

    In our more than a decade in business, we have produced more than two million projects for our clients, with a success rate of 99.97%. 

    We invite you to see how offering white-label SEO services can jumpstart your business. We make it easy and affordable to give WriterAcess a try with our two-week trial period. Visit WriterAccess today to get started.


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