Everything you need to create a show-stopping WordPress website

As marketers, we need to know how to get the best out of the digital world - and we also know that web hosting requires a high level of knowledge, time management and development skills.

That’s why we created Stage: to help you remove everything that gets in the way of your business growth.

man and woman working on WordPress website

WordPress hosting solutions created by the industry leader in Content Marketing

Increase your performance by hosting your WordPress blog with high-speed and high-security - with the support of tech web experts and marketers.

With Stage, your business will have everything needed to turn its digital environment into a powerful business.

High-Speed hosting

We reduce the size of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS files. Lighter files mean faster loading time.

We automatically distribute sites to several servers worldwide. We guarantee a good experience for users, regardless of where they are.

Caching creates ultra-fast load times, essential for improving search engine optimization. And to increase performance!

High-Security systems and routines

All traffic of your website is constantly monitored. Every access is checked – therefore, it is possible to identify and block any threat.

We use advanced threat detection technologies for attack protection and web security.

We increase the security and reliability of your website for users who browse it.

Free conversion plugin

Create and organize all banners and call-to-actions of your blog or website in one place.

You can choose where they will appear on each page, customizing according to your audience.

CTAs and banners segmentation by specific category for easier data tracking.

How Stage will help your business grow

Convert visitors into leads

Provide an excellent user-experience with a custom template designed to improve the page conversion rate

Top-notch CRM Integrations

Your marketing automation tool always updated: get your lead info automatically there with Stage’s integrations

Fast & Safe Web Hosting

Security routines, automatic backups and page speed optimization for the best digital experience

Specialized and prompt Support 24h/7

A team of experts in marketing and tech matters, willing to help you when things get tough

Create, customize and maintain your WordPress website optimized for conversions in an easy and code-free way

With Stage, you don’t need to worry about technicalities: we take care of website and blog creation, maintenance and migration so you can reduce code development, time and assistance costs.

A WordPress Hosting built by a marketing company for you to reach your goals

We’ve developed several marketing exclusive improvements for Stage, so you can upgrade your data collections, increase performance and brand awareness, grow website conversion and generate more leads.

Stage theme’s are designed for all types of devices, from mobile to desktop. In addition, you can customize it with your business’ colors and logo to make it unique: your Content Hub consistent with your company’s brand guidelines!

Stage was created so you can achieve better results with your site’s performance by hosting with high security, page speed, and support. We have segregated servers according to each need, and our cloud base allows us to offer adaptability and high availability.

Stage has everything you need to engage your audience: provides specialized support in a high-quality infrastructure with marketing optimized themes – and you can count on high-security, fast loading and user-friendly blog hosting to offer a great user experience.

Protection against bots attacks that can take your website down

Valuable data about your website's vulnerabilities in custom reports

WordPress hosting services optimized to solve your marketing challenges

Your hosting experience will never be the same

Together across the full customer’s journey

Easy CTAs Management

Manage all your banners with one tool.

Marketing Integrations

Essential integrations for your business data.

Conversion Optimized Layouts

With the best web infrastructure to generate leads.

You're not by yourself

Stage provides specialized support and a high-quality optimized infrastructure, allowing you to offer a great user experience and increase your performance in an intelligent, strategic and data-based way.

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