Live reporting and social engagement solutions

Strengthen the value and increase the ROI of your live events

Producing high-quality events requires marketers to consider not only the event content and audience participation but also pre-event activities. We believe the lead-up to an event can be just as engaging as the event itself by using online quizzes and assessments made in , our interactive experience platform.

Encourage engagement and genuine attendee participation

Use to give attendees the opportunity to digitally engage and participate during your events by tracking trending topics, sharing their opinions, engaging with live tools, polls, quizzes and posting user-generated content. Meet your audience where they are and provide them with all the tools they need to be an active participant in your event—whether they’re remote or experiencing your event in person.

Create lasting memories and cement brand loyalty

Audiences expect access to post-event resources, forums, and highlights. With you can easily create a centralized hub for slides and presentation notes, including a forum and additional resources for the participants. Here, you’ll retain attendee interest, gather feedback data, and strengthen the bond between prospects and your brand long after the event is over (and generating interest in the next one!)

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