3 Challenges of Creating Content on a Large Scale

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Overlapping deadlines, inbox inundation, and to-do lists that grow wildly as soon as one box is ticked off.

Sound familiar?

If you’re responsible for creating content within a large organization, these scenarios may be par for the course. With meetings, goals, and deliverables dominating your days, it’s tough to keep your team’s priorities straight—especially when you’re working on multiple projects at once (but when aren’t you?).

These challenges were very familiar to Autodesk, a software corporation with a massive global presence. When they partnered with Visually, by Rock Content, they had big goals to create several content pieces for a new campaign—pieces that would normally require in-house development.

By using Visually’s talent network as an extension of their marketing and content development teams, Autodesk alleviated three of the common challenges that marketers face when creating content on a large scale.

Three Challenges of Creating Content on a Large Scale

Challenge 1: Lack of Time

Time is a commodity in today’s working world—but of course, time is the main component in creating high-value, results-driven content that will engage with your audience and support your campaign goals.

While the day (unfortunately) cannot be made longer, using a project management tool can definitely save time within your content marketing organization. By having a central location for your team to collaborate, track deadlines, and provide feedback, your team will gain back precious minutes that were once spent on tracking down email chains and searching for files.

With more time freed up, your marketing team can focus on other projects, providing them with a much-needed sense of balance. In particular, during something like tradeshow season, when multiple different assets are being created for multiple events, in addition to normal, everyday campaigns, your team can divide and conquer more easily with a project management system in place.

Challenge 2: Lack of Resources

Those precious minutes you’ve gained back in your day are likely to be filled in an instant—meaning that a lack of resources can become a new and apparent pain point. If you consider outsourcing some of your content development to a team of freelancers—whether they are designers, writers, or video animators—your in-house team can focus on other deliverables.

Freelancers can familiarize themselves with your brand standards and guidelines, making it easy for them to pick up where they left off on your next project. If you’re creating content for large campaigns, this familiarity becomes invaluable, and allows your network of freelancers to act as an extension of your in-house team.

Challenge 3: Lack of Communication

Communication within any team is an ongoing struggle—though particularly within a large organization. With so many different employees and stakeholders involved, things can get lost in the shuffle—even frequently so.

When you move your communications to a centralized workspace, you gain wider visibility into your project’s timelines, milestones, and ongoing feedback. Rather than managing separate email threads from freelancers and project managers, plus file folders for images and PDFs, plus last-minute changes or questions—everything is compiled in one space, making it easier for everyone on your team to get up to speed, no matter when they jump into the project.

Live Webinar with Autodesk, Hosted by SEJ

If you’re hoping to combat some of these same challenges, join us for our latest webinar “How to Manage and Maximize Content Creation on a Large Scale,” presented by Autodesk’s Makayla Millington and Rock Content’s Lauren Klein.

SEJ will host us in a live broadcast on June 12th at 2 PM EST, where we’ll go into further detail of the challenges we previewed here, plus share examples of Autodesk’s campaign collateral. Be sure to bring any questions you have about content creation to the table, as we’ll be hosting a live Q&A at the end of our session.

You can register for the webinar here.


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Find top content freelancers on WriterAccess.

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Find top content freelancers on WriterAccess.

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