3 Examples of Going From Ideation to Interactive and Visual Content

How can you go from an idea—or an existing content piece—to a fully fledged, interactive or visual experience? Learn how brands like Autodesk, Sumo Logic, and DHL Express created engaging content assets.

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When it comes to brainstorming ideas for new content, it can be easy to focus on the “before.”

If you’re starting out with something like a lengthy research report, chock-full of facts and statistics, you’re likely to push the project away. It is, after all, a complicated task.

How can you compact volumes of information into a dynamic content piece that your audience will find both valuable and engaging? Or, how can you create a new piece that will transform aspects of your existing content that aren’t quite the right fit or format for your consumer?

We love a good makeover story (read: the dozens of movie sequences that take place in salons), and this concept rings just as true when it comes to the content we create. Ideas, in their rawest form, are messy; they have crossed-out, imaginary structures and doodles that don’t make as much sense when we leave the whiteboard or notebook page.

When we take those ideas, or an existing piece of content that needs rethinking, and turn them into something captivating and effective? That’s when we know our creative brainstorming was a success.

Let’s take a look at a few examples, created with the help of Rock Content products and services, that involved an impressive progression from ideation to an interactive or visual content experience.

    #1: Autodesk eBook

    Autodesk had a need to create many visual assets to support one of their campaigns. To bring some of their campaign ideas to life, they partnered with Rock Content’s Visually network.

    Working in the Visually platform, Autodesk collaborated with a project manager and designer on the creation of a 3D CAD Essentials eBook. That eBook started out as a concept, progressed into a copy document and several images, and ultimately transformed into a visually engaging, functional, and educational resource for customers of Autodesk.

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    Autodesk’s eBook

    #2: Sumo Logic Infographic

    This is an interesting example, as it started out as a presentation made by the company—an unlikely suspect when it comes to ideating and strategizing for new content.

    The resulting infographic, also produced by Visually, fulfilled Sumo Logic’s desire for an easily comprehensible version of that presentation. The graphics and colors are on-brand, and the content asks questions that will engage the reader and encourage them to learn more about Sumo Logic.

    A highly valuable asset for the brand, this infographic is perfect to share on social media or in an email campaign. It’s hard to imagine that it started its life as a presentation!

    Sumo Logic’s infographic

    #3: DHL Express Interactive Landing Pages

    In the case of DHL Express, landing pages were a pain point. With locations across the globe, and more landing pages than they could keep track of, DHL needed a solution that would make their landing pages more manageable—and measurable.

    To do this, they used Rock Content’s ion interactive content platform, where they could easily design interactive landing pages that house information and resources for their customers. The landing pages are now more scalable and on-brand, as they have developed a brand theme for landing pages made in ion.

    With interactivity in the mix, DHL can also use A/B testing on their landing pages, allowing them to gain invaluable insight into how their customers are engaging with their landing pages. Improvements can be incorporated on the fly.

    DHL’s landing page

    Bring Your Ideas to Life

    If you’re stuck in the brainstorming process for your next piece of content—don’t worry. Every content team has been right where you are (most likely on a weekly or even daily basis). We’ve all abandoned projects and swapped ideas, but part of the beauty of going from ideation to an interactive or visual experience is the magic that lies in perspective, in collaboration, and in seizing the continued potential of work you’ve already created.

    Need a boost? We’re here to help. Reach out to us for a demo of Rock Content, which includes the Visually network and the ion interactive platform.


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