4 Reasons Fashion Brands Should Use Polyvore for their Visual Content

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This article originally appeared on The Bulletin, NewsCred’s hub for all things content marketing.   Fashion brands aren’t just on the social media train – they’re driving it! This is great news for consumers and brands alike: there’s more content than ever out there, and two-way conversations are happening from reviews on beauty sites and social media to user-generated content that is published on both websites and social platforms. The downside to all this content? It’s hard to find the truly high-quality content and it can be difficult to compete to create eye-catching content that stands out from the rest. A solution to the visual content problem is Polyvore. Polyvore is a visual content platform that has built-in ecommerce functions. It’s a community in which fashionistas create and circulate content, all the while utilizing links to products that can largely be purchased online. Collections of fashion products are created in what is called a “set” like this one:   l   Brands from indie modcloth to established old Bloomingdale’s have made successful runs at using Polyvore to engage consumers and drive sales. For other fashion brands, though, it’s one of the most frequently overlooked social media tools. Here’s why you should be using it:  

1. It’s easy.

It takes only a few minutes to set up a Polyvore profile for your brand. Additionally, there is virtually no upkeep, which decreases time spent on the platform even further. If you’re using Polyvore only to create sets, the process is incredibly simple.

2. It’s cost-effective.

Polyvore doesn’t cost anything to use if you’re putting together sets. Free is, of course, much less expensive than hiring a freelancer to create the images. There are also advertising options; excellent news for the retail brands who use the site to directly impact sales.

3. It’s great for running contests and engagement.

Want to see a bump in your engagement via social media channels? Experiment with Polyvore. The site allows users to create contests that yield high amounts of user-generated content.

4. It’s usable across other social networks.

Grab your Polyvore images and spread them out across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Sets perform well and give you the opportunity to get creative using real fashion and beauty items, whether they’re yours or someone else’s. As always, make sure to utilize #hashtags and @replies to capitalize on reach.   l-1   Have you used Polyvore as a social media platform, or as a way to create visual content? What did you think? Sound off, content marketers!


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