8 Top Ad Agency Awards You Should Pursue in 2022

It is important for your dedication and hard work to be recognized. Ad agency awards serve as a resource that helps you reach your full potential by being recognized as a leader in your industry. But which are the best ones to enter?

Updated: May 11, 2023
Top Ad Agency Awards You Should Pursue

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If you are looking for a way to take your advertising or content marketing agency to the next level, you may want to give some thoughts to industry and agency awards. 

These awards, whether you are only nominated, become a finalist, or win, have the power to enhance your brand awareness and receive earned validation for the work your agency does.

And, in all honesty, who doesn’t want to receive some recognition for a job well done?

However, you probably wonder whether entering your agency into these industry awards is even worth your time. And, if you make the decision to move forward, which of the hundreds of different agency and industry awards are worth your time to pursue? 

Find out all of this below!

    Why are Ad Agency Awards So Important?

    You probably can’t wait to learn more about some of the best and most prestigious ad agency awards, but first, let’s discuss why these awards are so important to your business. 

    Is entering these awards really the best use of your time and resources?

    The simple and short answer is yes! Not only is a shiny plaque going to look great in your agency office, but it will offer so many benefits to your agency that can improve your visibility while generating brand-new leads. 

    There is a purpose to ad agency awards outside of being recognized for doing a great job.

    Here is a look at a few ways ad agency awards can benefit you and your brand in the long run.

    Enhance Brand Recognition

    When you are nominated for — or win — an award, your agency will receive more coverage in the media. This can not only generate some positive publicity for your agency but it can be used in your marketing materials, thereby enhancing the outreach of your Public Reactions efforts.

    Validate Your Work

    One thing that ad agency awards can do is highlight the fact that you are good at the services you provide. 

    While you can say this and that, winning a prestigious award and ensuring your clients know about it can prove that your work is solid and among the best in the industry.

    Overall, this validation will help you attract and convert new prospects while also showing your existing clients that you are truly thriving.

    Serve as Social Proof

    Testimonies, case studies, and the like are all examples of social proof

    Ad agency awards are as well. Social proof is designed to build trust and credibility while lowering the barriers of clients so they’ll follow in the footsteps of others and make a purchase.

    That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Becoming a finalist or winning an agency award can help in terms of client and employee retention, improve workplace morale, add credibility to your agency, and so much more. 

    Ad agency awards serve as an effective resource to expand the growth of your agency.

    8 Ad Agency Awards You Should Target

    Now that you know why these awards are so important, let’s dive right into some of the best awards you should target.

    1. B2B Marketing Awards

    Considered the largest and most prestigious of all B2B marketing awards, the B2B Marketing Awards strive to celebrate some of the greatest efforts of B2B marketing.

    These awards feature a number of category options that tend to be more strategic and data-driven than options offered by other awards. 

    A few of the most common B2B Marketing Awards include Best Use of Account-Based Marketing, Best Use of Consumer Insight, and Best Integration of Sales and Marketing.

    So, why should you enter your ad agency for these awards? Whether you are shortlisted or presented with an award, you may experience improved client retention and a chance to attract new business while showcasing your hard work.

    2. Clios

    The Clio Awards strive to recognize the best talent and agencies across the realms of sports, music, fashion, health, entertainment, and advertising. 

    These are very well-established awards and date back decades as one of the original awards to recognize the absolute best in the world of advertising.

    Some potential categories that you can enter and win include:

    • User Experience
    • Websites
    • Microsites
    • Brand and Corporate Identity
    • Copywriting
    • Film/Video
    • Banners and Rich Media Advertising

    3. Drum Marketing Awards

    The Drum is a media marketing platform and is considered the third largest marketing website across the globe. 

    The Drum Marketing Awards are designed to pinpoint the best practices, people, and agencies within the digital industry worldwide.

    These awards are based on a wide range of marketing niches, including social media, search, and content. 

    For agencies, the Agency Business Awards may be of the most interest, as this award aims to recognize the agencies that excel when it comes to effective management, strong workplace culture, and overall excellent performance.

    Some other awards that are up for grabs include Social Media Agency of the Year, Marketing Agency of the Year, and Client Service Team of the Year.

    When you’re awarded with a Drum Marketing Award, you can expect new business on top of the recognition of being the best of the best. This is because The Drum is a highly respected media outlet, and its awards are highly desired.

    4. Digiday Awards

    The Digiday Content Marketing Awards aim to recognize agencies and brands modernizing marketing and media through the use of quality content. 

    While an award from Digiday can be hard to win, it is worth it in the end if you are picked. These awards carry a lot of weight in the marketing industry.

    Some of the categories that are up for grabs include:

    • Most Engaged Brand Community
    • Most Original Use of Facebook
    • Best Content Marketing Agency
    • Best Agency/Client Collaboration
    • Best Interactive Content Piece or Series
    • Best User-Generated Content
    • Best Use of Real-Time Streaming Video

    5. Webby Awards

    The Webby Awards are designed to recognize internet excellence in regard to media and PR, film and video, websites, advertising, mobile sites and apps, podcasts and audio, and games. 

    These awards are presented by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences.

    This was the first award to recognize brands that were creating online. Since its inception back in 1996, these international wards have become known as the most respected symbol of success on the internet.

    So, why should you enter your agency? Well, it’s simple: The New York Times has dubbed these awards as the highest honor on the internet. 

    Two honors are given in each category: The Webby Award itself and The Webby People’s Voice Award.

    6. Content Marketing Awards

    The Content Marketing Awards are presented by the Content Marketing Institute, a very renowned content marketing company. 

    As suggested by the name, these awards are for agencies that specialize in providing quality content marketing services.

    There are nearly 90 individual prize categories for brands and agencies that are divided among four different areas: Design, Editorial, Distribution, and Strategy. 

    Potential awards include Project of the Year, Agency of the Year, Branded Content Campaign, and Content Marketer of the Year.

    Winning these awards, or even becoming a finalist, is a huge accomplishment and can help take your agency to new heights. They serve as an excellent way to showcase your agency.

    7. Shorty Awards

    The Shorty Awards are for ad agencies and brands that specialize in social media services. These awards aim to recognize the agencies, organizations, brands, and influencers who thrive on social media.

    Around for over a decade and presented by Real Time Academy, the Shorty Awards recognize the hard work and creativity that people put into their social media efforts. 

    These are the first awards to do such and they continue to be a leader in the social media space.

    These awards are offered in a variety of categories including by industry, by campaign, content and strategy, and by cause, by platform, and partnerships. 

    Some specific awards to be won include:

    • Branded Content
    • Branded Series
    • Creative Use of Technology
    • User-Generated Content
    • Media Partnership

    8. AVA Awards

    Administered by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals, which is a 1994-formed body that manages numerous awards, the AVA Awards are designed to recognize those in the digital sector. 

    It is by far one of the most prestigious digital marketing agency awards to date.

    There are over 250 categories across the board for a wide range of specialties, including:

    • Digital Marketing
    • Digital Video Creation
    • Audio Production
    • Video Production
    • Web-based Production
    • Social Media Engagement
    • Mobile Marketing

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    Wrap Up

    While it is true that it will take both time and money on your part to enter ag agency awards, becoming a finalist or being presented with the award will be worth the effort in the end. 

    You will gain a higher reputation, prestige, and a huge marketing opportunity that simply cannot be matched.

    Apart from entering prestigious agency awards, don’t overlook the importance of agency leads in other ways. 

    Check out this post that features several tips on generating high-quality agency leads!


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