15 Agency Project Management Tools To Improve Your 2022 Business

Agency project management tools are designed to help teams streamline their projects, achieve better results, and help a team stay organized. These are the most useful project management tools that can lead to better project outcomes and translate into success.

Agency Project Management Tools To Improve Your Business

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Managing a team of employees is never easy, and it can be even more complicated when large and complex projects hang in the balance. 

In order to improve your agency’s efficiency, complete projects on time, and deliver the best results to your clients, it’s important to use agency project management tools whenever possible.

Below is a list of the best agency project management tools that can help your team stay organized and help you expand and make your mark in the digital marketing field. 

Investing in these tools can also keep your clients happy, provide them with high-quality results, and translate to real financial success for your company.

    1. Monday

    Monday runs a wide range of operating systems that can help your team stay organized and even develop action plans to reach measurable goals, such as sales goals. 

    Monday has various types of operating systems including:

    • Monday Sales CRM, which is designed for customer-facing teams and can help track the progress before client and after client sales.
    • Monday Marketer, which is designed for marketing teams that can help them execute their marketing strategies, develop marketing plans, and more.
    • Monday Projects, which is designed for teams that deal with projects and portfolios and who want an easy way to complete their projects and track progress.
    • Monday Dev, which can help improve the development flow of project ideas.

    2. Basecamp

    Basecamp is a user-friendly project management tool. 

    It uses features that can help teams keep track of specific projects and reach out to only the group members involved in these mini-projects, therefore reducing unnecessary exchanges that can boost productivity among team members. 

    This program encompasses all the necessary features for agency project management tools, such as:

    • Message boards
    • Mini-projects within single projects
    • Document sharing
    • Automatic check-ins
    • Group chats
    • To-dos
    • Scheduling

    3. Wrike

    Wrike is one of the easiest project management tools to use that is user-friendly and can help consolidate a number of different projects together in one area. 

    Using Wrike allows you to prioritize different projects using click and drag features, shared timelines, and custom workflows. 

    The interface on Wrike is big, bold, and is beginner-friendly for new project management leaders as well.

    4. PSOhub

    PSOhub is one of the best agency project management tools to combine various features all in one area that aren’t available on other interfaces. 

    From budgeting to invoicing and task assignment, PSOhub operates with the idea that money and organization are two of the main concerns for business owners that want to complete their projects on time, and translate their work into real-life profitability.

    They’re not wrong either, since studies show that cost is the most important parameter of project management and completion. 

    At only $8.99 a month, this is also one of the most affordable tools on our list.

    5. ClickUp

    ClickUp can be used to help startups, enterprises, and non-profit organizations.

    It is one of the most trusted agency project management tools which has unique features such as brainstorm mapping, tools for educators that need help with lessons plans and tracking student performance, and tools to help streamline the design process.

    Their multitude of features makes this one of the most versatile agency project management tools on our list.

    6. Teamwork

    Teamwork, a well-known and widely used management tool, is used by companies like Disney, Netflix, Spotify, and PayPal. 

    It has the ability to integrate HubSpot CRM, which develops plug-ins that can help you improve your buyer’s journey and keep track of clients and sales.

    Teamwork also has features such as project templates, work portfolios, utilization reports, and resource scheduling, among others.

    7. Kintone

    Kintone is one of the more unique agency project management tools on our list. 

    If you’re new to project management and have unique needs for your business, Kintone is a tool that allows you to develop apps to help with workflow, managing tasks, scheduling, staffing, and a wide range of other features.

    Kintone can be used by virtually any business, from healthcare, to marketing, research, construction, and IT work among others. 

    There is no coding experience required to develop these apps, meaning users can create apps with ease. 

    Because users can create apps that are unique to their business, this is also a great app to use if you want to tap into a new market and need a tool that can grow with you as you expand your business.

    8. Screendragon

    Screedragon is a leader in developing smart tools that are easy to use and can help you complete marketing projects, brand management, in-house design services, and aid in workflow management. 

    Screendragon is scalable, meaning it can be used by 1000s of team members if you ever grow your business to a larger enterprise. 

    Screendragon’s operating system can help with a ride range of functions, including:

    • Project planning
    • Campaign creations
    • Staffing
    • Reporting

    9. Smartsheet

    Smartsheet is trusted by over 90% of Fortune 100 companies, and for good reason. 

    This tool is like the excel sheet workbook you always wanted, that’s easy to use, is capable of being easily customized, or can be set up with templates that are proven to optimize performance and streamline projects.

    Smartsheet is capable of providing different views that can help you track your projects, including:

    • Gantt view to keep track of all timelines.
    • Card view which can be used to drag and drop different projects, photos, documents, and keep your team updated on any status changes.
    • Grid view, which is a traditional way of viewing and tracking multiple projects.
    • Calendar view, which can be overlaid with your iCal or Google Calendar and keeps track of key dates.

    Smartsheet is easily scalable, and it can be used for everything from simple projects for clients, marketing initiatives, and even business-wide initiatives.

    10. Proofhub

    Proofhub can help you gain peace of mind when it comes to file storage

    All important files and documents are stored on a cloud, meaning there’s nothing to install and everything is ready to go as soon as you install it. 

    Proofhub has tons of useful tools that can help you stay organized and allow teams to be self-sufficient. These tools include, but are not limited to:

    • Gantt Charts, which can help prioritize different projects and timelines.
    • Kanban Boards, which help teams visualize a project from beginning to end and move it across stages.
    • Customized workflows where different team members can be subscribed at different stages of a project.
    • Daily agendas.
    • Timesheets.
    • File version control.

    Customers also said Proofhub helped cut down time on proofing, reviewing, and feedback time, which translates to better efficiency and better results for your clients.

    11. Podio

    Podio is an open interface that fosters transparency and can help you keep track of multiple projects at once. 

    Podio allows you to integrate other apps seamlessly, such as Evernote, Dropbox, Google Calender, and more. 

    Podio is a simple-to-use platform that increases sharing and peer-to-peer recognition. 

    If you’re new to project management and want a software that makes it easy to keep your team accountable, this is one of the agency project management tools to use.

    12. Hive

    Hive integrates project management, time management, team collaboration, and automation tools all in a single system that can be used with thousands of other plug-ins and apps.

    From Microsoft Teams to HubSpot CRM and Zoom, Hive makes it easy to create a single, centralized dashboard for maximum efficiency. 

    As a business owner, you can use Hive to view multiple projects at once and view them in a way that works for you, such as the Gantt charts and Kanban boards.

    Other features on Hive allow you to keep track of your team’s workload and progress. This permits you to improve accountability and translates into better time management and collaboration. 

    Helpful features include:

    • In-app emails
    • In-app messenger
    • Task prioritization
    • Proofing and approvals
    • Templates
    • Hive analytics

    13. Asana

    Asana is used by over one million teams in 190 different countries. 

    This project management tool can help you organize and consolidate all aspects of your business, from marketing, to sales, product design, and even operations. 

    Asana users can keep track of milestones and create a timeline to juggle different projects. 

    It provides a wide range of features that includes, but is not limited to:

    • Managing their team’s workload.
    • Creating, launching, and keeping track of marketing campaigns.
    • Requesting tracking from team members.
    • Scaling their projects with ease.
    • Building roadmaps and manage shipping.

    14. Brightpod

    Brightpod was created specifically for digital marketing teams and creative teams. 

    This project management tool has a simple user interface that can help you keep track of essential components of your digital marketing strategies, such as:

    • SEO
    • Blog posts
    • Social media
    • Blog strategies
    • Task lists
    • Recurring Tasks
    • Milestones
    • Workflow

    15. Notion

    Notion is one of the only agency project management tools that utilizes context in its delivery. 

    Context is incredibly important to the success of a project, as it can help team members and even leaders answer questions like, “Why is this being done” and “Why now?” 

    Notion helps enterprises, small businesses, and even individuals keep track of projects and never wonder about “context.”

    Through sidebars, the creation of a home wiki page, and virtual office spaces, notion provides real-time collaboration, task management through different views, tracking sales prospects, and much more!

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    Agency project management tools are essential for business owners that want to expand their company and have measurable outcomes. 

    Whether it’s completing marketing projects or launching campaigns, planning tools can make a huge difference in helping your company grow and keeping your customers satisfied.

    Want a little help with that? Check out our complete kit to plan your marketing strategy!


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