Boost Your Revenue with These 11 Agency Partner Programs

Joining an Agency Partner Program offers numerous benefits for your agency and clients, including more exposure, lead generation, and new revenue streams. Find out some of the best Agency Partner Programs for this year.

Agency Partner Program: the Best Options for this year

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MarTech companies (which form a huge landscape now) are starting to offer Agency Partner Programs to help various advertising and content marketing agencies gain new customers, boost sales, and grow their companies.

By partnering with a MarTech company, agencies have the opportunity to satisfy their clients in ways they may not have been able to do otherwise thanks to the delivery of great, consistent products and/or services. 

So, with an Agency Partner Program, you get to grow your business while helping your clients improve their own companies.

Now, there is a wide variety of MarTech companies out there that you can choose to partner with, so how do you decide which one is the best? 

Ultimately, you need to sit down and take a closer look at what your business goals are, what your clients are searching for, and your budget.

Let’s check out the best options for Agency Partner Programs for this year.

    1. MailChimp Agency Partner Program

    MailChimp is an email marketing solution that provides your agency with numerous opportunities to grow due to the increased exposure to the customers of the service.

    You will gain insight into email marketing and industry-related insights to help move your brand forward. 

    From tools and training to tips and insights, your agency will gain exclusive access to items that can help grow your business, expand your industry expertise, simplify overall client management, and special perks.

    While there is a free plan to get you started, the Partner and Pro Partner plans can help you rank higher, gain access to more clients, enter special events, and have top-notch support.

    2. CookieYes Agency Partner Program

    CookieYes is a leading consent management platform that helps businesses manage their website’s cookie compliance. The CookieYes Agency Partner Program is one to look out for if your clients are trying to navigate the complexities of data privacy regulations.

    It is designed for agencies, service providers, and sellers like you, who want to expand your offerings and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. The program offers a 40% discount for agencies and provides dedicated support that will help ensure that you succeed.

    CookieYes is trusted by more than 1.4 million websites worldwide for consent management, making it the ideal choice for ensuring that your clients’ compliance needs are met and ultimately boosting your agency’s growth.

    3. Zapier Agency Partner Program

    The Agency Partner Program offered by Zapier allows agencies to connect to various apps that they are currently using to save time through the automation of tasks. 

    These functions are referred to as Zaps. An example of how Zaps can be used is when an email is received with an attachment. A Zap can be created that copies the email attachment directly to your Dropbox folder.

    All in all, the Zapier Agency Partner Program allows agencies to generate brand-new leads when customers take certain actions, such as subscribing to your email list from an Instagram ad.

    4. GetResponse Agency Partner Program

    GetResponse MAX is a powerful marketing automation platform that allows you to streamline your customer needs and manage your clients more efficiently.

    The GetResponse MAX Partner Program is specifically designed for marketing agencies to support each step of their growth journey by adding a world-class marketing automation tool as part of their services. GetResponse offers the highest commission in the SaaS industry, up to 50% commission customer lifetime.

    This program will provide agencies with exclusive content, product and sales training, and a dedicated onboarding and sales specialist to aid in the growth of both the agency and client businesses. Joining this partner program can help your agency stand out from the competition.

    5. ActiveCampaign Agency Partner Program

    An automation platform, ActiveCampaign can help agencies grow their businesses and manage customer accounts. 

    Agencies have the opportunity to bring in new customers and run strong, effective marketing campaigns.

    Further, ActiveCampaign is designed to streamline business processes, allowing the creation of automated workflows that can improve the productivity of clients.

    By partnering with ActiveCampaign, you will have early access to newly created features that can help with your clients. In addition, you will have a specialist assigned to you to help you throughout the entire onboarding process.

    6. Birdeye Agency Partner Program

    Birdeye is a messaging solution that aids in the retrieval of referrals and reviews, generation of leads, and operation of surveys. 

    Overall, this process helps to create an improved customer experience while also increasing brand awareness.

    Birdeye Agency Partner Program also offers SaaS solutions for agencies and resellers who are looking for a partnership. With this partnership, agencies will get strategic support, tech support, and various opportunities that will help agencies and their clients grow their businesses.

    Birdeye can be a little pricey, at $10,000 annually, so make sure that you have the budget to allow for such an expense before investing in the service.

    7. WP Engine Agency Partner Program

    WP Engine is a program that hosts various security features of WordPress and includes daily backup and uptime, real-time detection of threats, and flexible management of cloud-based platforms. 

    The Agency Partner Program with WP Engine is dedicated to users of WordPress that need significant data protection, which may include small and large agencies, eCommerce stores, medical departments, IT service providers, and others.

    With WP Engine Agency Partner Program, there are three different levels you can choose from: Member, Advanced, and Strategic, each of which offers its own set of advantages. 

    1. The Member level offers partner portal access, a co-branded landing page, partner directory listing, advanced development tools, and a free development account.
    2. The Advanced level includes everything in the Member level, in addition to dedicated sales support, featured partner directory list, Case by Case basis, basic joint marketing, and lead referrals. 
    3. The Strategic level includes all of the above as well as product feedback, customized on-site training, and preferred partner directory listing.

    One of the best things about WP Engine Agency Partner Program is that it is free to join. Of course, to gain access to the various incentives offered, you will need to invest in a partnership. 

    You will get early access to new features and products, technical training, guidance on networking and referrals, and product roadmaps.

    8. Slack Agency Partner Program

    Slack was launched in 2014, and it quickly grew as a popular and effective business application. 

    It offers an assortment of helpful tools, solutions, and services. Basically, Slack serves as a collaboration hub where teams can improve their communication, work more effectively, and share resources with one another — all on a single platform.

    When you join the Slack Agency Parker Program, you are said to be able to experience enhanced user engagement, higher adoption rates, and overwhelming customer satisfaction. 

    There are already more than 1,000 SaaS partners working in this program, making client lives more pleasant, productive, and simpler overall.

    9. Google Agency Partner Program

    The Google Agency Partner Program is definitely one you will hear about from top marketers. 

    As a Partner with Google, you will gain support, training, and even rewards that will help ensure your agency and clients succeed.

    Your agency will receive a Google Partner badge, which can help it excel to whole new levels due to this level of recognition. Use it on marketing materials, your website, etc. 

    This badge is proof that your agency is current on all things Google and that you’ve passed Google Adwords certification exams.

    By partnering with Google Agency Partner Program, your agency can specialize in many AdWord products, like Mobile, Search, Video, and Display Advertising.

    10. Klaviyo Agency Partner Program

    Klaviyo works primarily with eCommerce companies and offers various forms of marketing automation tools. 

    Partnering with Klaviyo will help agencies and clients leverage consumer data to create marketing campaigns that prove to be more effective.

    Klaviyo features built-in insights and analytics that work well in proving generated Return on Investment (ROI). 

    Agencies get access to online training and certification options, continuous strategic support, account management, Slack community groups, coaching, co-marketing opportunities, and product roadmaps.

    With Klaviyo Agency Partner Program, you have the ability to reach thousands of different marketing firms, eCommerce experts, mail strategists, systems integrators, developers, designers, and so much more.

    Ultimately, by partnering with Klaviyo, you will get more clients, bring in new revenue, and experience growth in your business.

    11. Justuno Agency Partner Program

    Justuno is ultimately an eCommerce analytics and conversion rate optimization solution that helps agencies grow their businesses. 

    By partnering with Justuno, agencies get exclusive access to various services.

    The Justuno Agency Partner Program is designed to aid various agencies in generating new leads through co-marketing opportunities, service partner directory, and new revenue streams. 

    You will have the ability to test new features and tools before you ever recommend them to your own clients. 

    It will also come with a dedicated CRO account manager that can help in finding opportunities for growth, including analytics, targeting, and capturing leads.

    There are two plans that agencies can take advantage of: Professional Services and Justuno Plus. 

    1. The Professional Services plan is designed to gain support for strategy, design, and low bandwidth. 
    2. The Justuno Plus plan is designed for agencies that need AI features, strategy, and targeting.

    The aforementioned are just a few of the many Agency Partner Programs that you can join and take advantage of all the benefits they have to offer agencies like your own.

    Each Agency Partner Program strives to provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to become more successful and grow to new extremes. 

    While the industry specialization may vary, these programs ultimately offer the same overall benefits for your agency: gaining additional clients, earning new revenue, access to exclusive perks, and long-term business growth.

    When choosing your Agency Partner Program, make sure you find one that provides the skills, experience, and tools you need to bring growth and productivity to your business.

    As you work to improve your agency and its processes, consider investing in tools that will streamline your processes and help you work more strategically.

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