Understanding the Benefits of AI Content Marketing

AI content marketing can help improve your business functions and make life easier for your marketing teams.

Understanding the Benefits of AI Content Marketing

Artificial intelligence, often abbreviated to AI, is becoming a mainstay in modern business practices. 

Marketing, sales, and customer service can all benefit from the capabilities AI provides for companies. 

And this inclusion of AI in marketing isn’t just a trend, it’s well on the way to being a common practice in all industries. 

Content marketing is one area that really benefits from the computing and technology powering AI. 

In this article, we’ll look at what AI content marketing is, how it can be applied, the benefits of an AI strategy, and some examples of AI content marketing in practice.

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    What is AI Content Marketing?

    Content marketing is a type of marketing that involves the planning, creation, and distribution of content materials like written words, videos, social posts, and webinars. 

    A mainstay of digital marketing, content is often referred to as the “king” behind campaigns. 

    While content marketing is important to business success, it is a time-consuming and often repetitive part of marketing that can slow down teams and take time away from more high-level tasks. 

    And that’s where everything has changed.

    AI content marketing is a term used to describe the inclusion of AI and machine learning programs into content tools. 

    These content marketing tools can be used for content planning, creation, distribution, analysis, and reporting. 

    AI helps improve the quality of content marketing as well as taking some of the time-consuming and tedious tasks off the plate of human team members. 

    When AI is incorporated into a content marketing plan, it provides a number of benefits for teams and for customers alike.

    8 Benefits of AI Content Marketing

    AI content marketing helps marketers do their jobs better and more efficiently. 

    It also helps customers have better experiences while interacting with your brand. 

    When utilized across different areas of digital and content marketing, AI can help to create unity and cohesion within your internal team functions.

    #1. Personalization

    Traditional marketing methods treat every customer the same. 

    In today’s modern marketing world, a different approach is needed in order to prove to customers that brands value their business. 

    AI helps companies understand audience segments and collects critical data on each customer to create a profile. 

    With AI, brands are able to personalize a customer’s recommendations and messaging to create better connections and provide more valuable content to consumers.

    #2. Content Curation

    One tedious task that takes a large amount of time out of a marketer’s day is content curation. 

    It’s important to understand the latest news and get updates from publications to learn and to inspire your own content process. 

    AI takes the search work out of content curation and can speed up the process from beginning to end. 

    It can search through all blog posts and articles based on interests and keywords to bring the right resources right to your inbox.

    #3. Automated Processes

    Digital marketing can sometimes feel like a career of daily recurring chores. 

    AI takes the repetition out of your team’s tasks and allows them to focus on more important jobs. 

    It allows you to grow without having to manually trigger every email or create your own reporting.

    #4. Data Processing

    All the data in the world isn’t helpful if you are unable to parse through the large data sets and turn them into insights. 

    AI helps to process the huge amounts of data that is collected and stored daily from your customer’s actions. 

    When you can use AI to pull together the relevant information from data, you are able to strategize and act on those insights without having to do all the data processing work yourself.

    #5. Predicting Customer Behavior

    Trying to understand the behaviors of your customers isn’t an easy task, and for years marketers struggled to predict the actions of their target audiences. 

    AI can analyze the past behaviors of customers and use that information to personalize a customer’s journey, helping you and your team understand the next steps.

    #6. Improved User Experience

    When customers feel as though they are getting the right message, are treated as individuals, and enjoy their interactions with your brand, they have a better experience

    This makes them more likely to become repeat customers or advocates for your products or services on social media. 

    AI helps you balance the many touchpoints customers have with your brand so nothing slips through the cracks.

    It can also improve the front-end experience each customer has so that they are being monitored and marketed to throughout their journey.

    #7. Topic Generation

    Finding the topics that will resonate with your audiences when coming up with content plans can take a lot of time and effort. 

    With AI tools at your disposal, you can quickly generate topics that have high search scores or are rising in popularity among your audiences. 

    With your content topics generated with AI, your team can focus on the best ways to address each topic and spend their time deep diving into approaches and high-level planning.

    #8. Content Scoring

    AI tools can help you rate and score your own content to see how you can improve and optimize your previous content pieces to resonate better with your audience.

    When your content is scored, you don’t have to spend your own time going through each post, but can rather focus on improving what has been identified as an issue.

    4 Examples of AI Content Marketing Applied in Brands

    Brands of all shapes and sizes are using AI content marketing to improve their practices and increase efficiency and customer satisfaction. 

    As leaders in using AI content marketing techniques, these brands provide great case studies of the benefits AI can bring to companies in multiple industries.

    #1. eBay

    eBay is best known for consumer-to-consumer online auctions and is one of the biggest buying and selling platforms on the internet. 

    With billions of products and millions of viewers, you can imagine how difficult it can be to personalize and make each customer feel like an individual. 

    Using AI content marketing tools, eBay was able to create personalized messages for every customer in the form of email headlines. 

    Using a tool called Phrasee, eBay was able to generate thousands of machine-written headlines to send to customer segments based on their interest. 

    Phrasee utilized natural language algorithms and learning functionalities to combine both eBay’s brand voice and the best email headline practices that could be tested at scale and further developed to resonate with customers.

    #2. American Marketing Association

    As a thought leader in the marketing world, the American Marketing Association needed to stay on top of new trends and find ways to connect to the many different industries that look to them as a resource for marketing ethics, new marketing practices, branding, careers, and creating great customer experiences. 

    In order to help readers get the best information that best fit their interests, the American Marketing Association utilized an AI content marketing tool called rasa.io. 

    This tool generates smart newsletters that pull in content interesting to each user as an individual. 

    As well as providing relevant information, the tool also lets the American Marketing Association place its own content at the top of the newsletter and further establish itself as a leader, driving traffic to its site.

    #3: Chase Bank

    Chase Bank is another major brand that has used AI to further develop and improve its content marketing strategies. 

    After partnering with Persado, an AI company that uses AI to enhance creative marketing writing, Chase quickly saw the results. 

    In a surprising turn of events, the AI tool helped Chase’s copywriting come across as more human.

    In direct comparisons of human-written and AI-written copy, the AI copy performed better and helped create more genuine connections with consumers.

    #4. Dell

    Technology magnate Dell was looking for more ways to connect with customers and provide a tailored experience that brought in more business. 

    For years, marketing team members spent their time handwriting and customizing emails to reach out to customers. 

    But after pairing with an AI team, the entire approach changed. 

    The AI tool helped to separate Dell’s large customer base into specific audience segments with clearly defined product interests. 

    The AI tool improved both the content of the emails and the images included in them to increase clickthrough rates for emails and improve conversion rates.

    Wrap Up: AI Content Marketing Helps Make Content Better

    It also saves time, helps improve efficiency, and sorts through massive data sets to bring brands actionable insights.

    Content marketing is becoming a common application in brands across the globe, and new technological advances will mean more tools to come.

    If you are interested in learning more about AI in marketing, then check out our recorded webinar with Paul Roetzer, the Founder and CEO of PR 20/20 and the Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute. 

    In this jam session, Paul talks about the role of AI in marketing, how technology is changing the game, and how brands can combine machines and human creativity.

    Understanding the role of AI in marketing

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