16 AI Marketing Tools that Make Your Business Better

Who doesn't like a little help with routine work tasks? These AI marketing tools are ready to optimize your performance, allowing you to reach greater results.

16 AI Marketing Tools that Make Your Business Better

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Artificial intelligence, otherwise known as AI, is a powerful technology that uses machine learning to create groundbreaking tools. 

Fortunately, every area of digital marketing can benefit from these innovations. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at tools for content, email marketing, social media, analytics, SEO, and customer relationships. 

These AI marketing tools can help your organization become more efficient, more organized, and better prepared for future growth.

    AI Marketing Tools for Content

    Content is an important aspect of digital marketing, and also one of the most time-consuming parts of it. 

    Planning, writing, editing, and distributing content can take hours out of the day and steal time away from more important strategic tasks. 

    AI marketing tools for content can help marketing teams with their content creation process by making things simpler and helping with repetitive tasks.

    Tool #1: Grammarly

    One of the most popular tools for writers and marketers alike, Grammarly is a proofreading and editing tool that does much more than check the spelling. 

    Grammarly’s AI algorithm reads your writing and gives you tips on how to improve or correct grammar, punctuation, contextual errors, and structural mistakes.

    Tool #2: Deep L

    If you are looking for easy translation tools, then look no further than Deep L. This tool can translate documents and files instantaneously. 

    It uses advanced AI technology to quickly and accurately translate texts from many sources and even puts forward the claim of being more accurate than Google Translate.

    Tool #3: Acrolinx

    Acrolinx helps marketers improve the quality of their content by analyzing your previously published content and aligning it to brand standards. 

    It also helps you score content and find areas of improvement and topics to expand upon. Finally, it has proofing tools to reduce your editing time.

    AI Marketing Tools for Email Marketing

    Email marketing is another aspect of a digital program that can benefit from AI tools. 

    Emails are often some of the most repetitive tasks that depend on many different tests to find the best results. 

    AI marketing tools for emailing can help marketers find ways to stand out and reduce some of the time spent on research and testing.

    Tool #4: Optimail

    Optimail is a tool that optimizes and learns from the behaviors of your email-sending list. 

    By using an AI algorithm to determine audience response to emails, it helps you perfect your testing strategies and provides actionable insights that can drive conversions and increase engagement. 

    It also ties everything back to revenue metrics to help you fully understand the impact of your email campaigns.

    Tool #5: Phrasee

    Subject lines are often a point of contention in marketing circles. 

    They need to be persuasive enough to convince readers to open your email but have strict length and character requirements. 

    Phrasee helps you write better subject lines and generate millions of variants tailored to your brand’s voice.

    Tool #6: Seventh Sense

    To help you win attention in customers’ crowded inboxes, Seventh Sense uses profiling and behavioral science to stand out. 

    The platform helps you narrow down the best days and times to send out your important messages and uses AI to predict opening frequencies based on each customer’s activity.

    AI Marketing Tools for Social Media

    Social media management is a large part of any digital marketing approach, but it’s often a job that takes a dedicated team and many hours spent searching feeds and trying to make connections. 

    AI marketing tools can help social media marketers understand their audiences better and find connections, relevant posts, and brand mentions.

    Tool #7: Yext

    Yext helps your brand stay on top of your reviews and online recommendations. 

    By processing reviews left on Google, Facebook, Yelp, and other review platforms, Yext helps by delivering insights into what is being said about your brand. 

    This helps you find common areas of complaint or praise and manage your online reputation.

    Tool #8: Persado

    Knowing the words and terms that are most important to use while connecting with your audience on social media isn’t easy. 

    Persado helps you generate the right language to connect with your audience segments while still staying true to your brand voice. 

    This allows you to build stronger relationships with followers across your social media platforms.

    AI Marketing Tools for Analytics

    Analytics tools are already one of the most important platforms for digital marketers. After all, they are used to collect endless amounts of data that need to be interpreted. 

    Once data is parsed and clearly communicated back to your team, you can gain new insights and make actionable decisions. 

    State of Marketing Report 2024

    These AI marketing tools for analytics can help you further develop data insights and learn more ways to apply your data knowledge.

    Tool #9: Albert

    Albert is a tool that can help you generate marketing campaigns using your company’s data. 

    It’s a perfect example of a tool that combines human creativity with artificial efficiency and analysis. 

    The tool helps you identify the right customers for specific campaigns and breaks down large data sets to help you leverage your existing accounts and platforms.

    Tool #10: Crayon

    While understanding your own data is essential for business success, it’s equally important that you have a strong understanding of your competitors’ data as well. 

    However, this is a huge task that most teams don’t have time for. 

    Crayon uses AI to track your competitors’ actions and provide you with insights into their businesses.

    Tool #11: Unmetric

    Unmetric is another competitive analysis tool that helps you find opportunities by using an AI algorithm to find gaps in competitor data. 

    When you can take over the market share of your competition, you can quickly take a new direction. 

    Unmetric also helps you understand how competitors succeed, so you can mimic their strategy.

    AI Marketing Tools for SEO

    SEO is an important but ever-evolving aspect of digital marketing. 

    AI marketing tools specific to SEO can help marketing departments manage the back end of SEO and keep on top of changing guidelines. 

    Your search engine rankings are critical to your organic traffic numbers, and AI tools help you understand areas for improvement and ways to increase your ranking scores.

    Tool #12: MorphL

    MorphL helps you optimize and improve your keyword research to help you improve your search engine rankings. 

    It also can be used to help you manage parts of your e-commerce business with models to fix cart abandonment and understand customer search interest and customer segmentation.

    Tool #13: Market Brew

    Market Brew quickly distributes information about search engines and the on and off-page algorithms that determine rankings. 

    The tool provides actionable solutions to help your brand deliver exactly what search engines are ranking for. 

    Market Brew also provides training and support to help you implement your plans and improve your rankings as quickly as possible.

    AI Marketing Tools for Relationships

    AI tools can help marketers build strong relationships with their current customers and leads. 

    These AI marketing tools ensure that customers aren’t ever left feeling ignored or unheard. They can also help you build deeper and more meaningful connections with your audience. 

    Reaching your audiences as soon as they are looking for answers is essential in today’s fast-paced world. 

    Relationship and connection-based AI marketing tools can help you achieve your business goals.

    Tool #14: Chatfuel

    Chatfuel is a chatbot that doesn’t require any coding. 

    As a drag-and-drop platform, Chatfuel helps you automate your marketing and support messaging. It can also help you connect leads to sales reps when needed. 

    Using Facebook Messenger as the foundation, Chatfuel is extremely popular and easy to use.

    Tool #15: Howler

    Howler is an AI-powered tool that helps your brands’ PR campaigns. 

    Using its unique algorithm, Howler connects your press releases with relevant journalists from its database. 

    This helps your message reach relevant audiences and avoid spamming. It also helps you build PR campaigns and sends you comprehensive reports.

    Tool #16: NetBase

    NetBase is a consumer and market intelligence tool that helps you understand business trends by delivering contextual insights about consumer behavior. 

    By helping you understand your customers and their actions, NetBase helps you to connect with customers through social analytics. 

    This tool is used by top brands all over the globe.

    Wrap-Up: AI Marketing Tools Provide Benefits for Businesses and Teams

    With the power of AI backing new technologies, industries across the globe are advancing to the next level of digital transformation. 

    If you are interested in learning more about the role of AI in marketing and want to hear an expert’s thoughts on the future of artificial intelligence, then check out our recorded webinar with Marketing AI Institute and 20/20 PR Founder, Paul Roetzer. 

    In the webinar, you’ll learn about more ways AI can be used in marketing and how technology is changing the world of marketing as we know it.

    Understanding the role of AI in marketing

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