How To Train Your Ghostwriter

Updated: February 24, 2024

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Many people have great ideas that never seem to make it out of their heads. There are thousands of professionals and individuals who have great ideas for books based on their expertise and experience that want to help educate and inform readers.

However, with so much going on and a lack of book-writing experience, these great ideas can lie stagnant.

If you can relate to this, then there’s hope yet to create the next big business book or marketing guide. Hiring a ghostwriter.

But what exactly is a ghostwriter? How do you find them, and what can they do for you?

In this article, we’ll answer those questions and get you started with the best content marketplaces to get you on the right track.

What is a Ghostwriter?

To begin, let’s define what a ghostwriter is.

A ghostwriter is a term used to describe a person who is hired to write a book that someone else will be credited for.

Ghostwriters can be used for any type of book, but most often are used for books based on the lives or experiences of professionals who have great advice and perspectives but not much book writing experience.

What Exactly Does a Ghostwriter Do?

When you hire a ghostwriter, you are hiring someone who will write a book for you for a fee. They will take your ideas and notes and transform them into a publishable book that you will be credited as the author of.

Ghostwriters are great for many reasons.

They can help you save time if you are a busy CEO or entrepreneur, and they greatly reduce the amount of time you personally need to dedicate to the book-writing process.

They also have a skill set that many people don’t have, which saves you a lot of stress. And because you have a contract, you have a guaranteed book at a specific deadline rather than an idea you hold on to for years.

How Much Does a Ghostwriter Cost?

While there are many benefits to ghostwriting, the major downfall tends to be the cost.

It’s expensive to hire a ghostwriter, particularly one who is a strong writer and can turn your vision into a reality. And since your name will be attached to the project, you want to ensure that your ghostwriter is great.

The majority of ghostwriters will charge anywhere between $15,000 and $80,000 for a single project.

The actual cost will depend greatly on the length of the book you want to be written and the writer’s level of experience.

However, most qualified ghostwriters will charge at the high end of this spectrum. The very high end of the spectrum might even include ghostwriters who charge into the six-figure scale, but this is much rarer.

How Do Ghostwriters Get Paid?

There is no regulated market for ghostwriting, so how ghostwriters get paid can vary.

Most, if not all, ghostwriters will charge a flat fee for a project, and potentially an hourly fee for revisions. They will then set out the payment terms, which most likely will be in the form of installments.

As they give you deliverables, you will be expected to pay them based on your payment terms.

Is It Legal to Be a Ghostwriter?

Some people question whether or not ghostwriting is legal since someone is essentially going to be taking a claim for a book they did not write.

However, in almost every single case, there is no law being broken by ghostwriting.

The only expectations would be in the case of published academic or scientific papers. Because you enter into a contract with a ghostwriter, they understand that their name will not appear as an author in the book, so there is no law-breaking involved.

Do Ghostwriters Get Royalties?

Not all ghostwriters will demand royalties.

However, there are some who will. Typically, more experienced and highly sought-after ghostwriters will charge a percentage for royalties and want to be paid in advance.

This isn’t always the case, so make sure that you check in with your ghostwriting candidates and see what their fees are.

Who Hires Ghostwriters?

While many people have ideas for books, not all of them will hire ghostwriters.

Many people who make the decision to hire a ghostwriter are very busy, affluent professionals, such as C-level executives, consultants, entrepreneurs, and coaches.

Because these types of people have specialized skill sets and the money to pay for a ghostwriter, but not necessarily book writing experience, they are more likely to hire someone to write a book for them.

Where to Find Ghostwriters

One of the most difficult parts of working with a ghostwriter is finding one. While some publishing houses and agents might have referrals for ghostwriting, it’s not a very common job for the ordinary person to come across.

Since there is no ghostwriter database, you’ll need to look in other places for ghostwriters.

Freelancing forums like WriterAccess are a great place to start your search for a ghostwriter.

There you can search through many qualified writing profiles to find someone who matches your needs for a writer. WriterAccess offers more than just book writers, but specialized marketing and SEO writers too.

You can also facilitate payments and deadlines from the WriterAccess platform.

Other places to look include LinkedIn or specialized ghostwriting agencies for a fee.

Ghostwriting Services

While most ghostwriters are contracted to write books, there are a few other ghostwriter services they might provide.

  • Blog posts
  • Articles
  • Speeches
  • Scripts
  • White papers
  • Manuals
  • Website copy
  • Press releases

Wrap Up

Ghostwriters provide an important service to people who have a great idea for a project but need help getting it to the finish line. If you are looking for ghostwriting or any other type of content writing services, look no further than WriterAccess.

Try out our free 2-week trial to see exactly how we can connect you to the best ghostwriters for your next great idea.


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