Top 6 Benefits of Working with Freelance Writers

Updated: February 24, 2024

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Are you thinking about creating more content for your organization’s website or social media presence? Of course you are – content makes the marketing world go ‘round. Creating great content that brings people to your website or brick-and-mortar can increase sales, save money in advertising costs, and attract better customers who have more loyalty.

When it comes to deciding who should write your content, you have several choices: you can write it yourself, trick a fellow employee into writing it, or hiring a writer.

We highly discourage you from writing the content yourself. As a leader in your particular industry, you probably know more about your product or service than nearly anyone else. You might even know a thing or two about writing, especially if you have taken classes or have written extensively in the past. You might have even Mrs. Johnson’s star student in her creative writing course.

We also discourage you from coercing an employee to write content.

You can choose “none of the above” and go with a freelance writer. Many highly qualified writers are joining the gig economy. Here are just a few of the benefits of hiring freelance writers.

6 Great Reasons to Hire Freelance Writers

1. Writers write well

Writing content for today’s business environment is much different from the writing that you are accustomed to doing in and out of Mrs. Johnson’s class. Content marketing is all about creating an image that fits your brand and attracts qualified customers into your sales funnel. Content marketing uses special structures, word choices, and techniques not used in other types of writing.

2. Writing is a painful and protracted experience that you should really leave to someone else

Seriously, writing sounds like a very romantic venture until you sit down to do it – then you realize it is a swirling vortex of pure frustration. It can take hours to craft the perfect paragraph until the wee hours of the morning, but only minutes to realize it is utter garbage when you read it again the next day. Even Mrs. Johnson would be disappointed.

Save yourself the time and, most importantly, the aggravation of writing by hiring a freelancer.

3. You don’t have to create a fulltime position

Freelance writers deliver all the content your brand needs without all the bulk of a fulltime employee. The average salary for a writer is $49,392, according to PayScale. This can seem like a hefty price to pay for organizations with tight profit margins, especially those that just need content now and then. Hiring a freelance writer allows your organization to pay only for the content you need.

4. Freelance writers hit the ground running

Because they get paid only for the words they write, most freelance writers are highly motivated self-starters. Experienced freelance writers already know how they can develop, improve, and maintain your brand’s standing in the marketplace.

5. There are thousands of freelance writers from which to choose

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) says there are 131,200 writers in the United States. A whopping 64 percent of these writers are self-employed workers. Not all of these writers took Mrs. Johnson’s class, though.

6. Highly qualified freelance writers are easy to find

The internet is literally littered with literary professionals, many of whom were also Mrs. Johnson’s star students. Some freelance work independently with private clients; other freelancers work with content marketing companies.

To find the freelance writer of your dreams, contact WriterAccess. Our small army of top rated freelance writers know how to build a business organically, with a consistent supply of high quality content. They also know how to make Mrs. Johnson proud.


Human Crafted Content

Find top content freelancers on WriterAccess.

Human Crafted Content

Find top content freelancers on WriterAccess.

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