Unlocking the Potential of AI Content Marketing

It's no secret that AI has opened up a world of opportunities for content marketers. In this blog post you can dive into the uses of AI, the different tools available, and potential concerns as well. So, let's jump right in and explore the amazing possibilities of AI!

Updated: May 8, 2023
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AI has been studied for many decades, but it’s only now that some AI programs and services are starting to get to the point where they could be genuine, life-changing disruptors.

Content marketing, includes not only creating and sharing persona-oriented content online, but also developing a content strategy, implementing SEO, and conducting a lot of research.

AI is turning the industry on its head.

Artificial intelligence has reached a point where it can do many content marketers’ daily tasks at a low level. However, these professionals shouldn’t be too afraid of losing their jobs to AI.

Humans and AI together are a great combo for enhancing content marketing strategies, as you will see in the blog.

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    How to Use AI in Content Marketing

    There are multiple ways to use Artificial intelligence in content marketing.

    It’s important to note that content marketing and content creation are not synonymous, although content creation is a core component of content marketing.

    Automating tasks

    The first thing AI can do is help automate tasks.

    Specific tasks must be done daily, such as checking email or sending out information at a specific time.

    AI is excellent at recreating past processes, so it can take repetitive tasks off a marketer’s plate and do them for them.

    Personalizing user content

    AI can quickly personalize user content.

    It can optimize titles, images, videos, and other content types to quickly personalize them for specific users, a task that would take much longer if done without its help.

    Analyzing data

    AI is, at its core, a computer program. One thing computers are very good at is analyzing data

    AI can quickly gather and sort through data to identify trends and user actions.

    It can even analyze a blog post or social media to see how likely your audience will click on or interact with it. 

    Helping customers

    AI doesn’t just work in the background, but also as a chatbot.

    Companies train AI chatbots to answer commonly asked questions.

    Instead of having customers wait for an agent, a good AI chatbot can handle things like quick questions about services or products. 

    Detecting patterns

    As a type of software, AI is great at detecting patterns (and reporting them back to you).

    An AI can figure out the kinds of email openings that make people click on them or the subject lines that are skipped over, for example. 

    Reducing costs

    If AI is good for anything, it’s helping people reduce the cost of content creation, advertising, and other parts of the content marketing process.

    AI can handle many tasks in a much shorter time than it would take humans.

    Considering that, even with subscription costs or tokens, AI programs are often cheaper to use than human workers. 

    Content creation 

    Finally, think about content creation.

    If you tell AI to create 10 posts about penguins, it’ll do it.

    You can even ask it to use different kinds of voices, or ask it to make the information more “exciting” or “passive.”

    But will AI produce captivating, transparent, and innovative content? I doubt so.

    Ai content marketing - example of AI-created content
    Source: Copysmith

    Can AI Replace Content Marketers?

    The short answer is: No. AI cannot replace content marketers.

    Currently, AI requires human input and prompts.

    Additionally, AI can only imitate what humans have done in the past. That means that you will always need people to check the AI’s work and to make sure it’s accurate as well as efficient. 

    It’s important to remember that everyone in the content marketing industry holds value, even with the advent of AI.

    For example, copywriters have the expertise and specific human experiences that AI can only emulate.

    Of course, because AI is often less expensive than working with content marketers, they will need to prove that they are still needed and adapt to the changing market.

    Concerns Related to Content Created with AI Technology

    There are some concerns and possible ethical implications of using AI-powered content that you should consider.  

    AI could take away jobs

    Although it won’t replace humans, AI can reduce job opportunities.

    Copywriters, digital artists, and others could see lower-level work covered by AI systems, making it harder to find enough work to do themselves. 

    AI makes content less “human”

    While a great AI system can create content almost indistinguishable from human work, the reality is that AI still isn’t quite there yet.

    AI produces content that mimics human work. That means you still need copywriters and other content creation professionals to edit, expand on, and fact-check the work.

    AI-generated content could flood the market

    Another possible problem is that AI-generated content could flood the market.

    AI-generated content vetting may happen and undermine web developers’ efforts to serve customers.

    SEO strategists may have to rethink their strategies to make their pages rank within a mass inundation of content.

    AI can be biased, discriminatory, and manipulative

    AI algorithms can unintentionally reinforce biases and stereotypes.

    The computer may not understand the implications of using specific content. As a result, it could create discriminatory or offensive content that offends an audience.

    There is also a risk of AI-generated content spreading false information.

    Anyone can prompt the AI to say anything, which means that biased information could lead people astray. 

    This ethical implication is one reason why content marketers need to be acutely aware of the potential risks of using AI and make sure they share unbiased, transparent, and accurate content.

    To accomplish that, informing the audience about the use of AI in your content creation can be a good first step.

    Second, you should regularly test AI algorithms, auditing them for bias, racism, stereotypes, and other issues.

    Finally, you should always use diverse and representative datasets. 

    Free AI Tools for Content Marketing

    If you’re looking for a tool to help with your content marketing efforts, the good news is that there are many free AI tools. Some of them are 100% free, and others have upgraded subscriptions available.

    Keep in mind that content creators, like copywriters, are still important in this industry, even if you use AI.

    These AI systems can help with ideation or simple tasks. Editing, proofreading, fact-checking, and expanding on the content are still humans jobs. 


    One of the most commonly discussed AI tools is ChatGPT.

    This chat can produce AI-generated content quickly.

    Using ChatGPT could help with creativity or a rough first draft. 


    Frase.io uses an AI that helps you research, write, and optimize your content.

    Frase works on content briefs, writing, optimization, and analytics.


    Rytr is a time-and-money-saving option that can help write quality content. 

    It can create blog outlines, write sections of blogs, come up with your brand name, or help to put together a business idea pitch.

    Here is a list of all Rytr’s use cases. 


    HyperWrite is a free-to-use human-sounding AI system that you can add to Chrome.

    It uses “cutting-edge AI” to complete full blogs, product descriptions, Twitter threads, and more.


    Anyword is another AI copywriting platform that aims to help people save money and time on their content.

    It can help to improve conversion rates, performance, and sales. 


    Midjourney is an art AI that can create images based on your prompts.

    There is a little learning curve to figuring out how to input the details that will produce the images you can use.

    After you learn to write prompts, however, you can produce things like logos, artwork for print, and more.

    Opting for the free version or different subscription levels depends on how often you want to use the platform.

    Let Rock Help With Your Content Marketing Needs

    Content marketing is constantly changing, and associating AI and human expertise can be extremely helpful.

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