How can AI Content Wizard empower education companies to produce blog content?

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Content marketing is essential for the online positioning of any company, regardless of its segment of activity. It’s what will guarantee that your brand will appear in search results when the user asks a question related to your business. 

Without it, you may become completely dependent on pay-per-click (PPC) or other paid media channels and we all know that may not be the best long-term strategy.

Education companies are no exception to that. 

Just think for a second: Those looking for a good education are always concerned about making the best investment, right? After all, it will reflect on someone’s lifetime development. 

This is where your institution needs to show that it is an authority on this subject and beat the competitors. Producing quality content is essential for attracting and converting leads, as well as building relationships with customers and partners.

However, it can also be a complex and time-consuming task. You need to dedicate time and effort to research relevant topics, write compelling articles, and optimize content for search engines. 

And although we truly believe that a human touch is indispensable here, AI can be a real helper in optimizing your process. 

Let me guide you through how you can use AI to empower the content production of your education company.

Enter AI Content Wizard, WriterAccess’ AI feature

Well, to start, there are several AI tools that can help education companies in content production. However, if you want to be sure you’re relying on real and trustworthy data and getting efficient and personalized results, my first tip is to search for AI tools specifically designed to assist with SEO and content creation.

Allow me to recommend a solid one: AI Content Wizard, an artificial intelligence resource recently launched by Rock Content’s content marketing platform, WriterAccess

The promise is simple: to help you find content opportunities and scale content production without compromising quality, regardless of your niche or market.

How is this possible? By joining forces. Combining the most modern resources of artificial intelligence with the full potential of human creativity. 

With a few inputs, such as your website domain and the audience’s location, AI Content Wizard performs an initial web scan and finds information about your business, including:

  • Your industry/segment of activity.
  • Your main search engine competitors (e.g., Google, etc.).
  • Relevant keywords with search volume and a difficulty indicator.

Next, by providing some more details about your audience, you will also receive suggestions for topics that will help define the focus of your strategy

So, just to confirm, click “send,” and abracadabra! You will have complete article guidelines distributed by theme (I show below how it works in practice).

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Then, mark the ones you agree with, validate, and request their production directly on the platform if you want. The production order is generated instantly for the platform’s human writers, and you can follow the entire process until delivery, receiving the content one by one, ready for validation and publication on your blog.

How can AI Content Wizard help education companies in content production?

The AI Content Wizard can be a great ally for education marketing, as the tool can find gaps in your strategy and understand topics that are still relatively unexplored. 

This will significantly streamline the process, yielding great benefits such as:

  • Increased productivity: The tool can generate content quickly and easily, saving time and resources that can be directed toward more strategic tasks. Your team will appreciate this!
  • Improved content quality: The AI Content Wizard is based on a machine learning algorithm that has been trained on a vast dataset of text and code. By specifying details of the target audience (e.g., “potential students of a language course” and “parents of students preparing for entrance exams”), it is possible to obtain extremely relevant guidelines that align with the focus of your strategy.
  • AI + Human Creativity: With just a few inputs, you can have concise guidelines generated by AI. However, it’s important to remember that AI is here to enhance the production process, not to “robotize” content and compromise the reader’s experience (and your results). 

That’s why Rock Content also relies on our fantastic team of human writers, specialists in the education industry and other areas, who can elevate the quality of your content.

Now that you’ve understood how AI Content Wizard works, enough chatting. Let’s see how this AI can assist education companies in content production. 

Ideas for using AI Content Wizard to generate Education guidelines

Let’s see how this works in practice! I’ll use a real language school as an example (with its name hidden for confidentiality reasons) so you can see how the AI ​​Content Wizard works.

  1. First, you need to enter your domain and country that your audience is located in:
  1. Next, you’ll see some competitors that fit your business profile. 

As you can see, in this example the AI identified my industry (Language Resources/Foreign Language Resources) based on my domain, and showed a list of possible competitors:


Here you can select the options that make the most sense or add new ones, and then move on to the next step.

  1. Choose keywords that make the most sense or add new ones:

The AI Content Wizard will generate a list of keywords based on both your data and that of your competitors, along with information about the search volume and indexation difficulty of each.

In this example, I’ve selected the following keywords:

  • Months in Spanish
  • Rocket Languages
  • Indirect and direct object pronouns in Spanish

Additionally, I included the keyword ‘Spanish for business’ because it aligns with my business strategy.

  1. Provide more details about your audience:

In order for the AI to create truly compelling content outlines for you, it’s important to briefly describe your target audience. Who do you want to reach with your content?

If you haven’t developed a buyer persona yet or if you have doubts about your target audience, WriterAccess offers another AI tool that can assist you: the AI Persona Builder

You can use the AI Persona Builder to gain insights into your audience before returning to the AI Content Wizard to complete your content outlines.

However, if you already have a clear understanding of your persona, just provide the information at this step and proceed to the results in step 5.

  1. Wait a few minutes and see ready-made ideas for your content strategy.

The AI Content Wizard suggested three themes:

  • Spanish for Business Professionals 
  • Spanish Grammar: Indirect and Direct Object Pronouns
  • Greetings and Basic Conversational Phrases in Multiple Languages

For each one, the AI provided me with a content outline ready to be used. You can mark the ideas you agree with or discard them and request new ones. Then, simply click ‘next’ to proceed with production. You have the option to either save the content outline to write the content in-house or place an order with one of the 15,000 writers in the WriterAccess talent pool. 

Easy, right?

Let’s explore some other examples of how education companies in various markets can leverage the AI Content Wizard to create effective guidelines:

Undergraduate Education:

  • Attraction: generating varied articles on career trends, study tips, and career information.
  • Consideration and Conversion: information about the courses offered and their differences.

Language school:

  • Attraction: generating content on how to learn a new language and pronunciation tips.
  • Consideration and Conversion: information on methodologies highlighting the main differences of your language school.

Online Education Platform:

  • Attraction: generating content on different educational topics, such as choosing a college or how to prepare for a job interview.
  • Consideration and Conversion: content on the advantages of distance learning and courses offered.

Elementary and High School Education:

  • Attraction: choosing the best school for your child or how to help your child with difficulties in specific subjects.
  • Consideration and Conversion: content about the values ​​and differences of your institution.


As we have seen, the AI ​​Content Wizard is a powerful tool that can evolve your blog content production quickly, easily, and effectively. It offers a variety of resources that can be customized to meet the specific needs of different niches in the education segment, considering the consumer journey.

In addition to significantly increasing the productivity of your marketing team, it will be possible to further increase your brand’s authority as an educational company that understands what it is talking about.

To further empower your strategy, discover other WriterAccess AI resources such as AI Persona Builder, AI Content Idea Generator, AI Sentiment Score and Human Editing for AI Content.

Final tip: WriterAccess allows you to test the platform for 14 days for free. To learn more, simply click here.


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