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Humans and machines can contribute to each other in different ways to produce great content. But how can we do it in the most effective way possible?

There are some questions you need to consider:

  • What’s the healthy and effective balance between AI and human content creation?
  • What should we be aware of to make the best use of the available resources?
  • How can I prevent my brand from being exposed to any issues when generating content assisted by AI?

This article will explore those questions and recommend a portfolio of tools to enhance your content creation assisted with AI. By equipping you with the knowledge to make the most of these innovative resources, we ensure that you remain true to your creative vision!

Before We Start

It’s crucial to remember that AI is not just a single field of study. From a summarized perspective, it began in the 60s, and since then, numerous subfields have emerged for exploration.

These include:

  • Privacy: Questioning the boundaries of data usage,
  • Security: How these boundaries impact our safety and
  • Philosophy: Pondering the ethical considerations and implications of AI.
AI subfields overtime

One of these subfields is Generative AI, which has been under research for several years. It’s natural to wonder: If it’s not exactly new, what was the pivotal change that brought AI into the spotlight? The answer is undoubtedly ChatGPT.

Making AI accessible and user-friendly has revolutionized how we interact with technology, democratizing its use across a broad audience. This approachability is a significant factor behind its explosive growth, notably achieving one million users in just under four days. Its simplicity and speed in content generation have set a new standard for digital tools.


While it appears remarkably “easy” to prompt an AI to generate content, the critical question arises: Will the output meet the standards of your audience?

This convenience carries with it significant responsibility, leading us to confront a pivotal concern in the realm of generative AI: The phenomenon of hallucination.

Do Not Let AI Hallucinate!

AI hallucination occurs when an AI system produces incorrect or imaginary information, as explained by Russell and Norvig in Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach. It might seem complex, but let’s follow some examples to understand it better:

It is definitely not true that all AI is filled with fake information; however, understanding the associated risks is crucial, particularly for the brands we represent.

We might have some risks when AI hallucinates, and even though researchers are putting a lot of effort into it, marketers still need to ensure everything is true, especially the facts.

Incorporating human expertise into the content creation process is crucial for ensuring accuracy and authenticity. Human intervention plays a vital role not only in addressing AI hallucinations but also in enriching the content with perspectives and real-life experiences that AI alone cannot provide.

Such human contributions forge a deeper connection between the reader and the content, ensuring it resonates more personally.

Furthermore, human reviewers are instrumental in tailoring content to the audience’s needs and aligning it with strategic goals, leveraging their intuition and understanding to guide the content strategy effectively.

Some tools, however, will help in some of those tasks to enhance the content creation, and this is exactly what we are going to show next!

Tools to Level Your Content Up

The written content itself represents merely the tip of the iceberg. Before the actual writing begins, numerous preparatory steps are essential, including the ideation phase, which determines what to write and for whom.

Additionally, when AI assistance is involved, it’s crucial to identify the human talent needed to refine and polish the content. Let’s explore several solutions that assist in navigating this journey.

AI Persona Builder

Find out more here

The foundational step in crafting your content strategy is to understand your audience thoroughly. This knowledge is pivotal as it shapes the various strategies you’ll employ to connect with them, making it an essential aspect of charting your content’s journey towards engaging users.

However, achieving this understanding is not straightforward and involves a series of steps.

Fortunately, Rock Content offers a tool designed to simplify this crucial process. By providing some fundamental details about your domain and company, you can leverage this tool to gain valuable insights into your audience, facilitating a more targeted and effective content strategy.

Regardless of whether you’re an agency, utilizing an AI Persona Builder allows you to store multiple persona profiles. This capability is crucial for content creation, both AI-assisted and otherwise.

Moreover, ensuring alignment with your content guidelines will not only enhance the impact of AI-generated results but also equip human talent with the necessary insights about your audience, securing the competitive advantage your content deserves.

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AI Content Wizard

Find out more here

Now that you’ve defined your persona, the next step is to decide what content to produce. Imagine having the ability to identify and exploit the gaps in your competitors’ strategies to your advantage. This is precisely the function of the AI Content Wizard.

By inputting your domain and identifying your competitors, the AI Content Wizard conducts a thorough analysis to pinpoint keywords that represent significant opportunities for ranking. This strategy aims to direct organic traffic to your domain.

AI Content Wizard flow

After running this diagnosis, the AI Content Wizard will be able to offer you some topics to write about together with content briefs so you can produce content that will deliver results.

Furthermore, should you seek content recommendations through alternative methodologies, rest assured that we offer a comprehensive portfolio of solutions. These can be conveniently accessed via our menu, ensuring you have a broad range of options to meet your specific needs.

AI Content Idea Generator

Find out more here (free version)

The AI Content Idea Generator alone offers three content idea generation methods:

  • Generate with Domain Only: Uses the user’s website URL to create relevant ideas quickly.
  • Add Company Details to Generate Ideas: This method requires more information, such as the company website, keywords, target audience, and product/service description, for more tailored ideas.
  • Add Recent Orders to Generate Ideas: It suggests new content based on the user’s previous orders, which is ideal for exploring previous topics further.

Smart Match Me Up

In recognizing the critical role human expertise plays in the success of content creation, this tool is designed to streamline the talent acquisition process to meet your brand’s unique requirements. Utilizing a sophisticated diagnostic framework, we assess potential candidates based on five fundamental psychological dimensions: Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism.

This comprehensive analysis enables us to curate a list of talent whose profiles are optimally aligned with your project needs.

You will then have the opportunity to peruse through the selected talent pool, gaining insights into their individual skills and expertise. The selection facilitates a well-informed decision-making process, allowing you to choose the ideal candidates for your projects with confidence.

AI Copilot

AI Copilot is Rock Content’s new tool for creating content using artificial intelligence. AI Copilot helps you create everything from blog articles to social media posts, emails, ads, and more.

When creating blog articles, you receive humanization recommendations and have the option to request editing of your content by a specialized professional to ensure that the final version is revised with a human touch.

Our skilled human writers make corrections related to brand adherence, fact-checking, and whatever else is necessary so your content can reach its full potential and be safer regarding SEO risks and brand reputation associated with publishing AI-generated content without human supervision.

BONUS: WriterAccess Humanizer

Find out more here

While this is not exactly an AI tool, it is highly related. Recognizing the demand for a combination of human effort plus AI and the importance of human editors to serve it best, Rock Content has created WriterAccess Humanizer.

Through this tool, you can hire professional editors who analyze content generated by AI, verify data accuracy, the relevance of information, the significance of citations, and adjust the material to be in harmony with the brand’s voice and strategy.

This process ensures that AI-generated content not only engages the target audience but is also aligned with the best SEO practices.

Take Away Those Final Thoughts

  • Navigating AI’s Established Terrain: AI is far from a nascent field, bringing with it rich discussions around privacy, ethics, and other considerations critical to responsible use. Awareness of these aspects is essential as we integrate AI into our processes.
  • Guard Against Hallucination Risks: The phenomenon of AI “hallucinations” — generating false or irrelevant information — poses significant risks to brand integrity. It’s crucial not to mistake AI’s ease of content generation for guaranteed relevance or accuracy.
  • Enhancing Ideation with AI: AI excels in the ideation phase, providing a unique opportunity for human-AI collaboration. This intersection is where creativity is sparked, and innovation flourishes, leading to truly impactful content creation.
  • Ensuring Content Relevance through Human Insight: The involvement of humans in the content creation process is pivotal for ensuring relevance and resonance with the target audience.

WriterAccess offers sophisticated tools designed to connect you with the finest talent, ensuring your content not only reaches but also engages and convinces your audience.

Hopefully, this post helped you to understand some opportunities and how to leverage your content creation with some AI tools provided by Rock Content. Enjoy your ride and make sure you try WriterAccess to deliver to your audience the best they deserve.


Human Crafted Content

Find top content freelancers on WriterAccess.

Human Crafted Content

Find top content freelancers on WriterAccess.

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